Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Virus Shark, No Social Distancing In the Deep

Thankfully the world is slowly losing interest in this COVID 19 idiocy.  Countries, states, and industries are opening up again and showing no interest in the so-called Delta Variant.  But wait!  The Polonoia Brothers may have something to add to the endless media on this so-called virus.  Today we look at 2021's "Virus Shark," directed by Mark Polonia.  Where "Jaws" dared not tread, the Polonia Brothers do.

An underwater research facility is charged with finding a cure for the SHVID-1 virus.  A shark bite has spread the virus and millions on the planet are dying every day.  There is hope...Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are nowhere to be found, but the lovely Kristi (Jamie Morgan) is.  She works tirelessly, studying the shark samples gathered in the facility.  Her cohort, Anne (Natalie Himmelberger) is also doing the same.  Together they just might do it.  Uh oh...facility engineer Rikter (Steve Diasparra) discovers the structure is starting to leak.  In another couple days, the thing will give way and implode.  Uh oh again, Shannon (Sarah Duterte) an above ground project coordinator and facility boss Greg (Titus Himmelberger) are conspiring to steal the eventual vaccine for their own profit.

The scientists get tired and Ann is invaded by a weird and aggressive blob.  Now Anne is an infected soon to be mutant.  Kristi gets security guy, Duke (Ken Van Sant) to help with the sharks.  He'll be bitten by a great white and may be infected.  Even worse, the sharks outside begin attacking the facility, weakening the structure and speeding up leaks.  Now mutant Anne is on the prowl inside the facility and Greg gets a gun and heads to see Kristi.  The effervescent Kristi will not be deterred and will have to finish up inventing the vaccine as a greedy Greg and infected Anne try to beset her.  Oh yes...the sharks are close to getting in.

This is a wonderful film and a much needed diversion from the silliness that is the so-called virus hysteria.  The cast is great and the Polonia Brothers have delivered fun, drama, and suspense via infected sharks and human greed...and mutants.  Will the Earth be able to wait for Kristi to finish inventing the vaccine?  Will the sharks get in?  Is the deteriorating situation topside even worse than invading and infecting sharks.  See "Virus Shark," a perfect movie to end the summer, and Shark week with.    

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  1. Very relevant. Not seen one photo of someone dying from Covid. If you are a smoker, they put ads on TV or on the cigs.