Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tribal: Get Out Alive, A Mad Scientist's Creations Go Awry

Add to the list of plot devices that guarantee a terrific film...glowing green liquid in a test tube.  Yep, with that glowing serum, mutants and carnage can't be far behind.  Add in some hunk cops, babe policewomen, and a security force headed by a PTSD ridden babe and we have an almost instant classic.  There will be cannibalism, machetes, explosions, and you need anything more?  Today we look at "Tribal: Get Out Alive," directed by Matt Routledge.

She's a babe and a war hero.  Caitlin (Zara Phythian) can decimate any security threat.  As the film begins, her and her beefy partner Brad (Ross O'Hennessy) take apart some drug dealers trespassing on property they are guarding.  These two will be matched up with a few more security peeps, including the babe Rebecca (Rachel Warren) in joining hunk cops and babe policewomen in clearing an abandoned mansion of squatters.  The heir of a mad scientist is claiming the mansion.  He's a loser named Kenning (Thomas Doss).  Uh oh...before our forces arrive, someone or something is murdering the cops already there.  Caitlyn heads the security company's team and she takes them inside to begin the clean-out.

Immediately the attack begins.  The peeps left guarding the perimeter are destroyed and a mutant horde traps Caitlyn and her peeps in the bowels of the mansion.  As the babe policewomen are decimated, Caitlyn and her mates get separated.  Brad and Rebecca make horrific discoveries in a laboratory before the sultry Rebecca is annihilated.  Now Kenning decides he wants to be king of the mutants which isn't entirely helpful to Caitlyn's plight.  The onslaught continues and Caitlyn's martial arts skills serve her well.  As the survivors, so far, figure out what is going on in this mansion, and as Kenning tries to become a mutant, the remaining hunks and babes must fight their way through a mutant horde to survive and escape.

Just what kind of creation are these mutants and why were they created?  Will Caitlyn's PTSD betray her and her mates as they fight their way through mutant hordes?  Is there some sort of unwritten rule that only one babe can be alive as films draw to their conclusions?  This is a good action/horror film with some neat martial art fight scenes.  For some great mutant and mad scientist horror, see "Tribal: Get Out Alive." 

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  1. Great stuff, I think the PSTD should kick in the adrenaline and the need for speed!!