Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Slumber, Maggie Q vs The Demon

Okay, today she isn't a sultry assassin.  She isn't a secret agent.  Not even a baddie clad in a cat-suit and black boots.  Maggie Q graces us today as a sleep doctor, though still as alluring as ever.  No sleep doctor has ever worn six-inch heels as nicely as Maggie Q.  Today we look at 2017's "Slumber," directed by Jonathan Hopkins.  Be warned, this is a scary one with some really icky scenes.

When she was a little girl Alice (Maggie Q) witnessed the death of her brother.  Her brother sleepwalked and suffered from night terrors and swore a demon was pursuing him.  Today she is a sleep doctor, still haunted by the visions (dreams) of her brother's death.  Enter a family of four.  They have the same problem.  Sarah (Kristen Bush) and Charlie (Sam Troughton) need help.  The entire family has nightmares and their little son Daniel (Lucas Bond) is at the center of it.  Both parents believe something enters their rooms during the nightmares and seeks to take Daniel.  

Alice sets them up for sleep analysis.  She wires them up at the hospital and sits back and watches.  What happens during observation is horrifying.  Now Alice realizes what killed her brother is the same phenomena that seeks Daniel.  Her family and colleagues believe her crazy.  Now Alice is obsessed in helping this family, and perhaps relieving the demons in her own life.  The demon seems to get stronger and the nightmares get stronger.  The sleepwalking family are put in more peril.  As the film goes on scenes that will have you turning your head from the screen will be common.  Icky and suggestive, this film has gore and jumps.

Will Alice be able to fight off this nightmare demon and save the family?  What in Alice's past makes her uniquely qualified to battle this nightmare demon?  Even though she plays a doctor, would any of us have objected if the movie makers still dressed her up in a tight cat-suit with high-heeled leather boots?  The ending will be a shocker and very disconcerting.  If you don't mind seeing the sultry Maggie Q beset, see "Slumber," which is a film that will give you nightmares.   

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