Thursday, August 19, 2021

Embedded, A Posse, A News Crew, and Bigfoot

The shredding of a news crew is cause for celebration in the United States.  Sick of lies and strategies to divide a once great people, Americans abhor the so-called news media.  In fact, the American people seem to be in love with the Bigfoot legend.  So combine these two and it is pretty obvious who the viewing audience will be cheering for.  Today we look at a found footage horror film from 2012, "Embedded," directed by Michael Bafaro.

TV news reporter James (Don Knodel) and his cameraman Tom (Jeb Beach) are sent to the wilderness in Montana to cover disappearing cattle.  James has fallen from grace at the network.  He used to cover conflict in the middle east, but when he couldn't keep his tally-whacker in his pants, he got busted down to human interest features.  With a bad attitude, the reporter begins covering the story.  When three hunters go missing and another hunter shows up with his arm ripped off, he senses he may have a deeper story.  Sheriff Mike (Steve Thackaray) forms a posse to go into the wilds and search for a missing boy whose dad was torn to pieces.  The news crew goes with them.

It isn't long before Sheriff Mike and James realize they are searching for a monster...bigfoot, to be more specific.  Blood soaked crime scenes are taped off and ripped in half hunters are found.  Uh oh...bigfoot isn't happy that his hunting grounds have been invaded.  One by one, an emboldened bigfoot starts grabbing, and ripping in half, posse members.  Experienced hunters aren't able to get shots off as the monster is quick.  As the carnage increases and the bigfoot gets bolder, the tone of James' account captured by the camera, reveals a scared reporter.  Oh yes...we do get to see bigfoot...and a little surprise at the end adds to the horror of this found footage film.

Is this film a thinly veiled metaphor of what the American public wants to do to these clowns claiming to be news reporters?  Will any of this beset posse make it out of the Montana wilds?  This is a pretty good found footage film, especially for bigfoot enthusiasts.  For a neat Friday night movie party, enjoy "Embedded."

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  1. Keep em coming, i like the party idea.. we used to have them, apparently.