Thursday, August 5, 2021

Hoax, Bigfoot's Rampage, or is it?

Bigfoot on the prowl and many will die horribly.  Standard fare for a horror film? Seemingly.  Today we look at 2019's "Hoax," directed by Matt Allen.  Of course, the title suggests that Bigfoot may not be in this film.  Well, no spoilers here in the opening paragraph, but suppose that what finally takes place is something so deviant, so gross, so over-the-top, and perhaps a step too far?  I'm not saying Bigfoot isn't in this film...just 'suppose.' 

Six great looking college kids go into the wilderness for pre-marital sex and mountain climbing. They will do more pre-marital sex than mountaineering, thus Bigfoot comes by and kills them during their orgasms.  All the mutilated and torn apart bodies are found except the pretty Alex (Ryan Lucy).  Reality TV producer Rick (Ben Browder) puts together a team to find the missing girl and to find Bigfoot.  He pays well and veterinarian-babe Ellen (Cheryl Texiera) is recruited, as is security guy John (Brian Thompson), and the missing girl's dad, Cooper (Matt Decker).  Others are along...a pot smoking cryptozoologist and info-babe Bridgette (Shoshana Bush).  

The cryptozoologist is first to go. Now the crew can't help but find clues to Bigfoots existence, including an intestine decorated mine.  The sultry Bridgette will be attacked but survive and now everyone wants off the mountain except Rick, the TV guy.  Uh Bigfoot really their biggest threat?  Bridgette is a sultry alcoholic and Rick is on some sort of narcotic.  Bigfoot gets closer and starts picking the crew off.  Then something really weird happens to the sultry Bridgitte suggesting more is going on here than just Bigfoot.  Then the final 20 minutes of the!  You won't believe it.  It's ambitious and gory, heartbreaking and terrifying, and perhaps a bit taboo for most movie audiences.

Is the missing beauty still alive, and if so what is Bigfoot doing with her?  What, other than Bigfoot, prowls this wilderness seeking nubile babes and hunks for disembowelment?  Is this a film in which you will be cheering for Bigfoot?  The ending will be shocking and totally change the mood of what appeared to be a standard Bigfoot film.  For a squirming good time, see "Hoax."  


  1. What a movie, has all the ingredients for outdoor Cinemas!!

  2. Your review made me curious. I want to watch hoax. Thx for posting!!