Friday, November 23, 2018

Camp Dread, Sleepaway Camp Lives

Remember 1983's "Sleepaway Camp"? Yep...that's the one. You remember when Angela reveals...wait, no spoilers here. The last few minutes of that 80s slasher classic ranks as one of the greatest OMG moments in film history. This brings up to the B. Harrison Smith slasher film from 2014 "Camp Dread." The insanity and carnage at the end of the aforementioned 'Sleepaway" will prove tame when compared to the final half hour of "Dread." Paying great homage to the "Sleepaway" mini-franchise, "Camp Dread" will shock you with some of the neatest kills ever put on film.
Julian (Eric Roberts) directed "Sleepaway Camp" back in the 80s. For the purpose of keeping everything legal, the name of the film is altered slightly. He returns to the camp by the lake to film a reality show. He is met by the Sheriff Donlyn (Danielle Harris...okay, maybe miscast but she is really pretty and wears the uniform we'll go with it). He appears legit, but we know better. Then the contestants arrive, all hunks and babes in their early 20s. All have committed horrific crimes and this reality show is supposed to be some Outward Bound type endeavor that will work to set them straight. They will work to fix up the camp and supposedly try to avoid being killed by a slasher. They believe the deaths will be fake. Everything is filmed...of course.
The campers are visually pleasing. Katie (Montana Marks) is a sultry skank and she will bunk with the sultry lesbian Sarah (Ashley Sumner). Both will provide gratuitous performances, clothed, in bikinis, or nude. The guys are all hunks...but I kept my eyes on the gals. Adrienne (Nicole Cinaglia) appears to be the most psycho. The murders start and they are original and quite gory. Oh yeah, remember Felissa Rose from 'Sleepaway'? She's back, and plays an Angela like character from Julian's 80s slasher films before leaving acting. She has become a counselor for these criminals. It takes awhile before the campers realize their dead friends have really been murdered. One by one they are offed. Who lives and who dies? No spoilers here. Killer? Could it be Julian? One of the psycho campers? Miss Rose's Rachel? After all, she was the...oops...never mind.
"Camp Dread" is an orgy of slasher kills. Machetes, anti-freeze, and a prosthetic will all be used to slay the beautiful. Gratuitous and exploitative will rule the day in this film and the final reveal will be shocking and ambitious. As for Danielle Harris? Oh'll see. B. Harrison Smith has given 80s slasher film fans a gratuitous gift, so if you haven't seen "Camp Dread," find it and watch it!

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