Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Black Wake, Tom Sizemore Tries to Save Humanity

I know what you're asking. What is Tom Sizemore up to these days? Okay so that's not quite what you were asking, but just go with it. No, not some stupid and tired superhero, not some J.J. Abrams CGI orgy...not even a sequel. Think a poor man's Lovecraftian horror story. This brings us to 2018's "Black Wake." Okay, the film has some problems, but those who have witnessed the last three seasons of "The Walking Dead" will have to admit this is a much better zombie...or I should say zombie/tentacled menace drama than anything AMC has to offer.
Some weird tentacled menace is in the water. The FBI and CIA are on it...a lot of good they will do. Dr. Luiza Moreira (Nana Gouvea) is summoned...psychologist/anthropoligist/bikini babe (hey, why not?).  Normal people by the sea are turning into serial killing/zombies. Initial reports suggest that people are being killed after their skulls are bashed open. Not so, the skulls are ruined when something explodes out of them. Yep, you guessed it...a scorpion like parasite. People are infected by this thing and then start killing and researching space travel and addresses of astronauts. No, I'm serious. Hey, better than any plot device from ""The Walking Dead" over the last three years.
Dr. Luiza, bikini babe, has some very gratuitous bikini scenes, but more importantly comes into contact with the scribbles of one of the infected. As she studies this notebook, she is drawn in to the influence of some monstrous force with tentacles. Oh yeah...the CIA is watching everything she does. As she is drawn further into the evil of the notebook, she begins to get unhinged...and has some more bikini scenes. Also drawn into the influence of this thing is Detective Michaels (Sizemore) who is trying to get to the bottom of a rash of murders and acts of disembowelment. The carnage spreads westward and these mass killings are threatening to upend civilization.
What is this monstrous squid like thing that turns humans into zombies with scorpion parasites (wow, haven't we've asked that question a lot lately?)? Will bikini babe Dr. Luiza figure out how to stop the evil force before everyone is infected with these scorpion things that explode out of people's skulls? Will Dr. Luiza eventually have carnal relations with the tentacled menace (you Japanese businessmen will want to pay close attention to this possibility)? Not a perfect film but I challenge anyone to tell me that this plot is inferior to any superhero film plot or one of "The Walking Dead." Enjoy bikini babe Dr. Luiza in "Black Wake."

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  1. What do The Walking Dead and Lord of The Rings sequal have in common, quite alot. Black Wake comes highly recommended, I can see you are a big fan of those scorpians that explode from the brain cavitiy. Another thought provoking review!! bravo