Monday, November 5, 2018

Mosquito, Bug Chainsaw Massacre

Gunnar Hansen, who died in 2015, is one of the most iconic names in horror. Born in Iceland, this hulk of a man secured the role of Leatherface in the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Today we look at a 1994 film, "Mosquito," in which Mr. Hansen again picks up a huge chainsaw and causes much bugs. Sure, not one of his best films, but fans of Syfy Channel type films will love this one.
Skipping all the backstories of every character, let us begin. An alien spaceship crashes into a Michigan swamp. Mosquitoes feed on an alien corpse guessed it...turn into behemoth mosquitoes. These monsters kill everyone in the park including two campers having passionate pre-marital sex. The naked lady's (Margaret Gomoll) demise is very gratuitous. A handful of survivors are left to fight their way out of the park. Rookie park ranger Megan (Rachel Loiselle) and her hunk beau, Roy (Tim Lovelace) will be joined by idiotic ranger Hendricks (Ron Asheton), meteor hunter Parks (Steve Dixon), and bank-robber Earl (Hansen). These folks will start out on the run beset by hordes of giant bloodsuckers (perhaps a metaphor for the plight of the common man).
This dysfunctional team now escapes to an abandoned farmhouse as the plot will now resemble "Night of the Living Dead"...only with mosquitoes instead of zombies. Guess what! Earl finds a huge chainsaw and delivers the quote of the move, "I haven't handled one of these babies in 20 years...feels good." As the bloodsuckers attack...and of course breach the defenses, Earl fires up his chainsaw as the rest of the team comes up with a far-fetched plan.
Will Leatherface...I mean Earl...make furniture, clothes, and other accessories out of dead giant mosquitoes? Will Margaret Gomoll's very gory death from a very vulnerable position dissuade nubile teens and college students to forego pre-marital sex at campsites? Can our team save humanity from the monster horde that will inevitably head their way? The highlight of this Gary Jones film is the giant bugs and gore effects...sweet! For s great time, and a perfect opportunity to play MST3K, enjoy "Mosquito."

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