Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Night of the Sorcerers, Vampires in the Jungle

I never thought I'd say this...Tomanga tries to rape Tunika!  Yes...only in Mumbasa!  Mumbasa?  Think Burkina Faso without the glitter.  Today we go into the deepest, darkest jungle of Africa with an epic Euro-Trash film from Amando de Ossorio.  Euro-Babes!  Oh yes...some really nice ones, as if there are any that are not nice.  Then, Tunika played by Kali Hansa.  Kali Hansa...redheaded Euro-Babe.  We don't know much about Kali Hansa as she shares a similar history than fellow Euro-Babe, Kuelan Herce.  Sultry, mysterious, and even today, a mystery to us.  Today we look at 1974's, from Spain, "The Night of the Sorcerers."

A hundred years ago a babe, redheaded missionary (Barbara Rey) is grabbed by zombie/vampire headhunting natives in the jungle. She'll be stripped, tied spread eagle to two trees, whipped, shoved onto an altar, and beheaded by a naked babe native girl zombie. Now the missionary is a vampire. Present day, an expedition guided by the hunk Rod (Simon Andreu) arrives near that spot. His GF is the aforementioned Tunika who gets naked a lot and wears jingle lingerie. Also on the expedition is the serious hunk professor Jonathan (Jack Taylor), sultry blonde heiress Liz (Maria Kosty), and babe photographer Carol (Loreta Tovar) who dresses in white go-go boots and a tight mini-skirt...when she is dressed. They are met by the mysterious Tomunga (Jose Thelman) who lets them know they are all in danger as a deadly sacred altar is nearby.

During the first night, we are treated to a steamy scene of pre-marital sex between Rod and Tunika. They'll undress one another and roll into the stream in euphoria. While this is happening, Carol goes into the jungle to take pictures but is grabbed and bitten by the missionary-babe vampire. Carol will then be tied to a couple trees, spread eagle, stripped, whipped, and shoved on the altar, beheaded, and made into a vampire. Now the two vampire babes go get Liz.  Can you guess Liz' fate?  There will be a lot of nakedness along the way.  Tunika will show us more passion and nudity. Now Tomunga will give in to temptation and try to rape Tunika...who in Africa wouldn't?  Now Rod figures something is wrong and is convinced that the altar is cursed.  Uh oh...Carol and Liz, and the missionary babe come to collect Tunika.  Drama well as nudity and blood.

Will Tunika survive the wrath of the babe jungle vampires?  Will hunk Rod develop a brain and figure out how to destroy the vampires and save the precocious Tunika?  Is this film a metaphor of increasing disfavor the native peoples harbor against French imperialism in the dark continent?  Erotic, trashy, and steamy...not to mention bloody, "The Night of the Sorcerers" is a perfect film to educate you about the ethos of Africa.

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