Monday, February 19, 2024

Gone, Insane or Not

Over the past four years I have been called a "traitor," "The Enemy Within," a "Conspiracy Theorist," and "unpatriotic."  Vindication has arrived.  Our "leaders" and the mainstream media have been found out and now they are on the run.  Millions like me are out of our cages and laughing hysterically at the so-called powers-at-be. What does it look like when the insane are all of a sudden found out to be the sane ones?  Psyche meds and involuntary stays in an asylum be damned...the truth is out there.  Also out there is a misogynistic killer with a trail of dead women leading to him (perhaps a metaphor for the Biden Administration).  Today we look at 2012's "Gone," directed by Heiter Dhalia.

Jill (Amanda Seyfried) is a sultry waitress just out of the loony-bin.  She claims she was abducted, tied up, dropped in a hole in the woods, and escaped just before her kidnapper could murder her.  The problem is that no one believes her, not even the cops.  None of her story could be corroborated and she has a long history of psychological problems...including stints in the asylum.  Jill knows she is telling the truth.  Then, her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) is abducted.  The problem?  No one believes Jill.  The cops and all Emily's friends, including Molly's BF (Sebastian Stan) don't believe her.  Jill tries and tries but the cops see her as a loony.  The cops...Michael Pare is the lieutenant...yes!

Jill now undertakes her own investigation.  She stops taking her psyche meds and gets a gun.  She does good work, but is there anything to uncover.  Is her former alcoholic sister on a bender?  She's only been missing less than a day. It would be a shame if Jill is imagining all this as her investigation is turning up some really dangerous characters.  Are any of them kidnappers, though?  Now the cops are after Jill.  Jill knows if the cops catch her, Molly dies.  Is Molly really missing?  Uh oh...Jill's plight is being watched by some weirdo.  He begins contacting her by cellphone.  Jill is sure it is the kidnapper coming back to finish her off after her escape.  Peril awaits Jill...but is she the one that should be captured and prosecuted?

This film won't have many fans.  The sultry Amanda Seyfried turns in a very unglamorous performance that may give many the creeps.  She does play a crazy b***h...then again, aren't all babes crazy b***hes?  Wait!  I didn't say that...damn autocorrect! Ms. Seyfried plays the desperate and maybe insane young lady very well.  For a good mystery with very sordid subject matter and themes, see "Gone."



  1. I've been an Amanda Seyfried fan from her "Big Love" HBO series. Her supporting role in "Jennifer's Body"(2009) & title role in Atom Egoyan directed "Chloe" (2009) solidified my following! I enjoyed "Gone" (2011) too & her biopic "Lovelace" (2013) is must see very underrated gem!

  2. Am shocked I have never seen this all check this out for sure awesome review