Thursday, February 1, 2024

Red Scream Vampyres, Sultry Vamps Eat Hitchhikers

American Gothic horror!  Where European Gothic horror has old castles, American Gothic horror has a train station.  Where European Gothic horror has nubile naked babes, American has nubile Goth babes. European has dubbing or subtitles...American has New York accents.  Yep...nothing says shocking Gothic horror like an Amtrak station and a few tattoos.  Today we look at the American remake of "Vampyres," "Red Scream Vampyres," directed by David R. Williams.

The plot...pretty much the same as the Euro-Trash "Vampyres."  Pretty much.  We have two lesbian vamps who delight in steamy sex, straight and with one another.  Theodora (Satu Runa) and Elenora (Valeria Dombrovschi) find guys by hitchhiking.  Of course, the pair bring them back to their, abandoned train station...have passionate sex with them and then drink their blood.  Now Theodora has found a guy who sort of intrigues her, the uber boring Dietrich (Jess Weber).  Against her better judgment, she does not murder him.  Also in the story are the two campers, but here, they are two peeps from the university studying urban archaeology.  The lovely Sky (Andrea Bentin) and Professor Morrissey (Ed Bergtold).  There is a hint that the two vamps were murdered in the past while in the throes of steamy sex...and here...there is a hint that Sky might have been the trigger-man...or trigger-woman.

Steamy sex and orgies will fill much of this American re-make.  Male motorists will continue to get eaten.  Sky will become captivated by the lesbian vamps.  Theodora and Elenora will also be captivated by Sky...but why?  Whether Sky is being groomed to join the vamps...or a dish on the menu...David R. Williams throws in a plot device that makes this relationship a bit more complicated than in the original film.  As Amtrak trains run in the distance...our beautiful monsters seem in control...and Sky seems doomed to this life...Dietrich still roams and gets more curious.

What are Theodora's and Elenora's plans for Sky?  Will Theodora's failure to murder Dietrich prove a fatal mistake for the vamps?  If this film had subtitles or dubbing, would it be considered an American horror masterpiece?  Kudos to David R. Williams...the American remake of "Vampyres" is erotic, bloody, and very interesting.  For a prurient good time, see "Red Scream Vampyres." 

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