Monday, November 1, 2021

Matched, Dating Apps and Psychos

Think about it.  Why would anyone be honest on a dating app?  Isn't deceit sort of built into online dating? Blemishes seem to disappear when our smart phones do the talking.  You know what else disappears?  Anti-social or psychotic behavior, homicidal tendencies, and hallucinatory obsessions.  At least as far as the app goes.  In reality, these things are tough to hide.  In face to face meetings, these all become apparent...especially if you are tied up and a knife wielding lunatic is your match.  Today we look at 2021's "Matched," directed by Salvatore Marotta.

The Hitched app connects superficial hunks and babes seeking wild sex.  Kelly (Arielle Fray), a tattooed beauty wannabe is on it and sees the hunk of her dreams.  She's too shy to give him a 'like.'  Dillon (Sean Tapiero) is the hunk.  While being teased by his buddy Kyle (Alec Centeno), he mistakenly gives Kelly a 'like.' Now Kelly believes the two are destined for a lifetime of romance and sex.  She begins communicating with Dillon through the app.  Dillon is repulsed by this weirdo and blocks her.  Her deterioration begins here.  Now Kelly creates a fictitious  identity and uses a supermodel photo for the profile and posts it on the app.  Dillon loves it and gives it a 'like.'

Kelly, through her phony identity, and Dillon begin communicating through the app and get along famously.  They finally get to meet.  The meeting doesn't go well.  When Dillon sees the supermodel is actually the weirdo (now he calls her a psycho), he humiliates her and runs out.  Kelly becomes the psycho she is accused of and is bent on ruining Dillon's life.  Unfortunately for Dillon, Kelly proves more psycho than Norman Bates.  Kelly's vicious insanity doubles by the minute and eventually we see her demented grand plan for the love in her life.

I should mention two other outstanding performances.  Natalia Cruz as Vanessa, Dillon's confidant, and Megan Russel as Jessica, Kelly's confidant. These two actresses provide some great cheese and deliver vital performances in this thriller.  Will Dillon learn to love the knife wielding psycho?  In a metaphorical sense, don't all guys eventually have to ask this question about their girlfriends?  Is the Hitched app and the resulting carnage a good metaphor for what the real dating apps actually provide today's hunk and babe wannabes?  See "Matched" for a pertinent thriller...and evaluate if you really want to date.

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  1. You could be writing about FB too, great review, keep it up. Ronnie Shaw would be proud of you, on many levels.