Saturday, October 30, 2021

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, Naked Babe Swings Pick-Axe

I know many will not like this film.  You have heard their complaints many times, it goes like this, "I love blood and gore as much as anyone, but this...this crossed the line!" My response...WUSS!!!  Blood (oh, so much blood), gore, nudity, gratuitous pre-marital sex scenes...gratuitous gore during pre-marital sex scenes...and Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley!  Today we look at 2009's "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet," directed by Frank Sabatella.

Okay...the first 12 minutes of this film!  Wow!  It will get rid of all the wusses.  Vicious and brutal are understatements.  You'll see.  In short, Mary (Samantha Siong) is a naked babe at an asylum for the criminally insane.  She gets out of her cell and kills everyone in the asylum before cops fill her with bullets.  20 years later, on the anniversary of her demise, high school hunks and babes are having a 'Blood Night' party at pretty Nicole's (Alissa Dean) house.  All the good looking kids will arrive...have booze...strip to the music...and have pre-marital sex.  Also at the party is the weird but beautiful Alissa (Harris).  Mary's ghost arrives and purees many of the hunks and babes.

The surviving teens run out of the house and are picked up by Gus (Moseley).  He knows what is going on.  Naturally, he drives them to the abandoned insane asylum where a showdown will occur between the naked slasher and the teens.  We are cheering for the naked ghost.  Mary's ghost has a pick-axe and is quite adept with it.  Uh there someone else involved?  Clues to Mary's collaboration are uncovered by Gus and the remaining teens.  Every killing will be brutal and gory and it is always nice seeing Miss Harris and Mr. Moseley.

What does Mary's ghost want?  Is one of the teens key in the wrath of the naked Mary?  What happened to Mary many years ago to land her in an asylum for the criminally insane (a question many of us could ask about ourselves)?  Bloody and some may say this film crosses the line.  Whether it goes too far or not, the naked Mary is quite a dish and her victims are some good cheesecake and beefcake.  See "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet."   

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