Thursday, November 11, 2021

Bigfoot vs Megalodon, The Ultimate Battle in Space

In 1972 Jacques Cousteau proclaimed that in ten years all the oceans would be reduced to lifeless black goo.  Because John Denver wrote a song about him and he had a pretty good TV show, the world did not hold him to his insane rantings.  In the year 4045, another environmentalist whack-ball is spewing nonsensical rantings...Megalodon.  In a sequel to BIGFOOT VS THE ILLUMINATI , our feature today is 2021's "Bigfoot vs. Megalodon," directed again by BC Fourteen.  A sexy space babe, monsters, and space battles will highlight this computerized animation piece.

Princess Kali (Jennifer Fourteen) and her allies have defeated the Illuminati, but a new foe has emerged.  Ticked off at mankind because of global warming (yawn), Megalodon has gotten a spaceship and is bent on destroying the Princess and all her space forces.  The Princess?  She and Van Helsing (Marco Guzman) have gotten quite close and share pelvic thrusts and vicious sex...we do get frisky in space!  Kali wants a baby and she wants Van Helsing to be the dad...he just wants rough!  The shark monster sets his sights on the Princess' forces and space battles will ensue.  Now Bigfoot (Guzman) is summoned to help repel the attacks.

Bigfoot and Van Helsing are best friends.  Uh oh!  Van Helsing is infertile...this makes the fertile Princess Kali a sad woman.  Fear not, Dr. Jekyll may have a cure.  The monster shark?  Oh yes...he is continually outsmarted by the Princess and now must try to ally with Alistair Crowley and some lizard people...haven't we all in some of our weaker moments.  The coming skirmish, or space battle, will jeopardize Kali's plans to mate with her lover, and also imperil the friendship between Van Helsing and Bigfoot.  Fear not...the sexy Princess Kali does not intend to lose.

Wait!  No!  I'm not kidding!  Find this one on Tubi!  You'll see.  Will Megalodon prove a formidable foe for Princess Kali and her minions?  Will Van Helsing ever impregnate Kali?  Will Bigfoot get a chance to try to impregnate the fertile princess?  This is a fun one and even though she is computer generated, Princess Kali will emerge as one of the sexiest space-babes ever.  See "Bigfoot vs. Megalodon" and see the new era of "Battlestar Galactica" type science fiction.

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