Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Dark Lurking, Slimy Oozy Things vs Scientists and Soldiers

A classic plot device that cannot fail.  A subterranean bio-weapons lab secreted on a distant planet.  Genetic experimentation.  Dr. Fauci would be proud.  Of course, the experiments go a little too well, and now the humans in the lab are not the top of the food chain.  Why does anyone bother with Kate Winslet films when we have films like this?  Today's feature is the Australian film, 2009's "The Dark Lurking," directed by Gregory Connors.  

As our film begins, all Hell is breaking loose in the aforementioned lab.  The last radio signal received by a rescue ship implied everyone was getting ripped apart.  That's kind of what indeed is occurring.  The ship sends down an extraction team to rescue any surviving scientists'll see.  In fact, you will see in just a few seconds.  Slimy, toothy things with razor sharp claws who rip people apart.  Most of the extraction team will be shredded, but Michaels (Bret Kennedy) assumes command.  Most of the scientists are dead...most! Survivors?  The mysterious beauty, Lena, with 'SC17' tattooed on her arm...she's one of the experiments.  But she is really pretty so no one thinks about maybe exterminating her. 

Michaels new mission...get back to the surface with surviving scientists and test subject beauty and rendezvous with the ship.  Now there is a hint that the creatures, numbering several hundred, may also be test subjects...or perhaps other scientists who have turned.  Messy.  The things will even grow tentacles and change some of the soldiers into slimy, toothy beasts.  Now the lead scientist, Konieg (Dirk Foulger) levels with Michaels...the true story of what is going on in this laboratory is even worse than anyone could imagine.  Konieg is insistent that Lena will turn into something evil and vicious...but she is real pretty so Michaels feels a need to protect her,  Then...all Hell breaks loose (a common theme in this film)'ll see. 

Will the beautiful Lena turn into a slimy monster?  Okay, stop it!  I hear you divorced guys out there.  No! Not all women turn into ferocious beasts after marriage.  Are these experiments funded by the CDC and the WHO?  If Lena does turn, will the divorced male community notice the difference?  Gratuitous in gore, exploding monsters, ripped apart scientists and soldiers, and blood splattering, "The Dark Lurking" is a film you will want to see for a weekend creature feature.  

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