Friday, October 22, 2021

Knifecorp, Door to Door Carnage

Kane Hodder!  Tiffany Shepis!  Felissa Rose!  Enough said.  Today we have a slasher film with much knife carnage....and a major league slasher...Kane Hodder!  However annoying door-to-door salesmen are, you will be wincing at their fate in 2021's "Knifecorp," directed by Zach Zorba Grashin.  The slashings will be numerous and it is nice to see a slasher film when the deaths are perpetuated by slashing knives...for the most part.

To earn money, some great looking high school seniors get a job selling kitchen knives, door-to-door.  Wally (Austin Kulman) is trying to raise money because his mom (Rose) is losing her home.  Wally's dad was a cop who was killed in the line of duty.  Tanya (Lola Sandra) is a pretty lass who desires to earn money to move away from an abusive dad.  Buddy Chang (Hymnson Chan) wants to earn money to pay for a rebel force to kill the guerrillas who murdered his parents in...well, Asia, someplace.  The kids go off to sell the knives.  The fourth kid Jed (Peter Gilroy) lucks out...he ends up at Tiffany Shepis' home and she wants to jump his bones.  Wally's first house is resided in by Angus (Hodder), a mentally unbalanced ex-cop.

Angus hesitantly allows Wally to do his sales pitch.  This won't go well and Angus becomes all psycho.  Skipping much of the plot, all four kids end up in Angus' home.  Oh yes...we see some of Angus' twisted secrets and some preliminary kills.  Now Angus is hunting the kids and the teens are no match for him.  Sadly the teens 'man-up' and decide to try heroics...unfortunately these kids just aren't ready to be heroes.  Angus continues hunting them and what follows is a transition from dark comedy to gory heartbreak.

Will Angus prove as invincible as the slashers in the "Hatchet" or the "Friday the 13th" films?  Do any of these great looking kids have what it takes to escape the house alive?  Will the teens become pincushions for the knives they are trying to hock?  This is a good one and twists and shocks abound.  As lovable as these kids are portrayed, Angus will exact his bloody vengeance on at least some of them.  See "Knifecorp," and enjoy Kane Hodder in a very appropriate role.