Sunday, October 10, 2021

Prison of the Psychotic Damned, Ghosts in Old Railroad Station

You need fame and money...the only thing you know how to do is film documentaries. you film a documentary about the chronic bore Ruth Bader Ginsburg...or about the vicious ghosts that plague an abandoned railroad station?  Right!  Wait...who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? See!  The penultimate problem about a documentary about vicious ghosts has always been...what if they are real?  Today we look at the 2006's "Prison of the Psychotic Damned," directed by D.W. Kann.

Rayna (Susan Adriensen) is a university professor filming the above noted documentary. With her is the nubile and perky Nessie (Noel Francomano), a fawning grad student...her cameraman, the crude Jason (James Vaughn)...a medium, the mysterious Aurora (Daiane Azura)...and the blonde junkie Kansas (Melantha Blackthorne).  We like Jason...he's crude and vulgar...enough said.  The gals are very unlikable and we wish for their gory demises.  The crew arrives at the old Buffalo Central Railroad Terminal...a very spooky and ominous setting.  The place has been closed since the 70s and at one time was used as an insane asylum where many insaniacs were tortured to death by sadistic doctors (a good metaphor for today's public health industry).

The gals bicker and yell at Jason...I know many of you guys out there can relate.  Then Aurora starts seeing gory and malicious ghosts everywhere.  One by one the crew separates from the team and end up hunted.  Now everyone sees visions of the dissection and torture of the insaniacs by the Anthony Fauci's of the 1970s.  The ghosts are malicious and what they have planned for the four babes and one semi-hunk is more of that dissection and torture they were subject to many decades ago.

Will Jason get any pre-marital sex with the four babes on his team?  Will the ghosts get any pre-marital sex with the babes on this documentary crew?  Just why are the four babes so grouchy?  Okay, I withdraw that last question.  Gory and loud, this film may be choppy but the old railroad terminal setting is perfect for this type of film.  See "Prison of the Psychotic Damned," and figure out if this film is an apt metaphor for 2021 America.

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