Saturday, October 16, 2021

Psychos, Three Deranged Babes

Three psycho women...wait...okay, stop!  I hear divorced guys, out there.  And NO!  Not all women are psychos! So, let us behave and put your previous relationship failures aside.  Now stop that.  No, 'psycho women' is not redundant!  Psycho or not, the three dames in this one are quite the babes...and being 'psycho' does not necessarily make you the bad guy.  Just look at The Son of Sam...okay...bad example...but you know what I mean.  Today we look at 2017's "Psychos," directed by Sandy Chukhadarian.  Oh yes, if you have a weak tummy...well, then you're a wuss.

A trio of babes begins receiving sordid emails.  The emails contain a video of them being tortured ten years ago.  These three strangers have a horrible past in common.  All three were abducted and tortured by a misogynistic sadist, Larry (Aubrey Wakeling).  Norma (Melissa Elena Jones) works at a daycare facility and loves to threaten children with torture.  JJ (Deniele Ramos Cloutier) is pre-med and can't wait to cut into, she just tortures little animals.  Sasha (Angelica Cassidy) is a deviant S & M skank...hardly ever sober.  The three deviants have reason to be deviant.  They all went through sexual torture and humiliation as young girls...and escaped.

Traumatized at the time, the lovelies were not able to help the cops catch this fiend.  Now Sasha finds her two cohorts for a revenge mission.  The plan?  Bust into Larry's house...get all the DVDs he took of them being tortured and raped...and kill Larry.  All revenge plans never go as anticipated.  The gals kidding.  The girls don't work well together.  The girls get carried away and Larry is able to surprise them during their execution of aforementioned plan.  Now JJ, Sasha, and Norma get mean.  Fighting mad.  If you don't like torture porn, don't watch this film.  But wait!  Can you trust a psycho?  Can a psycho trust a psycho?  Larry may not be the only threat to the babe'll see.

What are these three psycho lovelies capable of when given hacksaws and motive?  Will Larry allow them to escape a second time?  Does this trio have a prayer of coming away from this mission without becoming more psycho?  This is a gory one and the three stars are very alluring...unless you're Larry.  So... you disenfranchised men out there, the ones who are divorced or going through one, watch "Psychos" before you proceed with the belief you are up against the fairer sex.

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  1. Invite them over for a sleep over, feed them pills and booze and enjoy deviant sex.