Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Monster of Camp Sunshine, Nudity! Nudity! Nudity! And a Monster

We don't have enough films about monsters terrorizing nudist colonies.  Do we really need another stupid superhero film when the aforementioned plot device goes largely unexplored? A nubile blonde nurse in white (when she is clothed) and a sultry fashion model team up to take all their clothes off and fight a hideous creature...yes! Today we look at 1964's "The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature," directed by Ferenc Leroget.

Two sultry babes share a New York City apartment.  Marta (Sally Parfait) is a beautiful nurse and Claire (Deborah Spray) is a high priced fashion model.  Marta goes to work for her mad scientist boss, Dr. Harrison (James Gatsby) and is attacked by lab rats.  She is in hysterics as she almost dies.  Claire poses nicely and is asked by the photographer Ken (Ron Cheney) to pose in a topless swimsuit for a men's magazine.  This draws the disapproval for Ken's beautiful secretary, Laurie (Angela Evans). Claire determines that she and Marta need to get away for a while.  Marta is a nudist and gets Claire hooked on "nudism." The duo head to Camp Sunshine with Ken and Laurie in tow.

Marta and Claire will have so many nude scenes. Susanna (Natalie Drest) runs the camp.  Uh oh, the formula Dr. Harrison was working on is dumped in the river and Hugo (Harrison Pebbles) finds it.  Hugo is the gardener at Camp Sunshine.  He drinks it and turns into a brute monster.  Now he is chasing beautiful nude babes around with an axe.  The babes will run, jiggle, and jump when they are not sunbathing or skinny-dipping. Now Laurie is under Camp Sunshine's spell and strips to go skinny-dipping.  Hugo's hormones are raging and he has his sights set on Laurie, Marta, and Claire (as do we).  The three nude babes will run and jiggle some more.  Now Dr. Harrison races to the camp to save his nurse, Marta. Ken finds dynamite, a machinegun, and a pistol. The men will seek to kill Hugo.

The nudity in this 1964 film is gratuitous.  Even scenes that take place in the city are filled with gratuitous stripping, or putting on lingerie scenes.  Will Hugo catch one of the nudists and if so...what will he do with her?  Will the nudists engage in a cat-fight or a splashing match while skinny-dipping? Can one blame the monster Hugo for going after the nude nurse, fashion model, or nude secretary? As a war on beauty is being raged in the 21st century, it is nice to see a film that celebrates a woman's beauty. For a gratuitous good time see "The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature."     

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  1. Nudist camps, there's a great idea where to place the plot!