Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cruel Jaws, An Italian Jaws Rip-Off

Okay...yep it is a what?! Look at it this way..."Jaws" had the story of the USS Indianapolis, which was sunk just after delivering the bomb. 1995's "Cruel Jaws" (directed by Bruno Mattei) has the USS Cleveland which was sunk delivering a secret weapon...a genetically engineered shark programmed to eat the enemy.  "Jaws" had a score by John Williams.  "Cruel Shark" has the "Star Wars" score...really. Both films claim to have been based on Peter Benchley's novel.  Before you "Jaws" enthusiasts write off this Italian rip-off, "Cruel Jaws" does have tons of bikini babes, jiggling a lot, and dying horribly. Enough said. 

Divers exploring the Cleveland wreck are eaten by a monster Tiger shark. No great loss. Sheriff Francis (David Luther) finds a washed up corpse and labels it a boat propeller accident. The coroner corrects him..."This was no boat propeller accident!" Yes! Now the shark moves into the resort community of Hampton Bay where bikini babes frolic, fall in love, and die horribly. Developer Samuel Lewis (George Barnes, Jr.) wants the beaches to remain open (imagine that). We also meet Vanessa (Norma J. Neshelm) early...quite the babe. She'll suck face with a few men, take care of a handicapped kid, and get eaten. No great significance to her character, but boy could she model bikinis and other exotic swimwear.

Dag Snerensen (Richard Dew) runs a Sea World type of park which has two annoying dolphins and a stupid seal. He is at war with the Samuel. Samuel has a babe daughter, Gloria (Natasha Etzer) who sucks face a lot and frolics in bikinis. She is in love with Dag's son...who is beefy.  Anyway, the regatta commences, the shark eats it and the Sheriff goes hunting for it in a helicopter...bad idea. Dag and his family also set sail to find the shark.  In this film, anyone looking for the shark in this ocean, finds it right away. I didn't even mention Glenda (Sky Palma) who dies horribly hunting the shark but not before showing off some very alluring bikinis and other ocean attire. If it jiggles in this'll die horribly either by teeth or fire.

Will the love affair between Brody's wife and Hooper be included in this film? Does this film minimize the real threat of boat propellers?  Why don't history classrooms in the U.S. public schools teach about the tragedy of the USS Cleveland? is a Bruno Mattei film with bad dubbing and jiggling bikini babes...enjoy! For an alluring and cheap good time, see "Cruel Jaws." 


  1. Bruno Mattei is a great filmmaker! I must see this!

  2. Better than Jaws, the fake sharks look brilliant.