Saturday, April 10, 2021

Comic Review, Chronicles of Horror vol. 1 by Matthew Myers

Voodoo, slashers, shapeshifters, and graveyards...the stuff true horror is made of. In four short microbursts of fear, Matthew Myers has given us a wonderfully and eerily illustrated series of horror stories that conjure up classic scares.  Eerie, menacing and ominous are the voyages we embark on in perusing through this graphic work.  Startling monsters and spooky settings come at us in full color in imagery that jumps off the pages into our minds.  Mr. Myers tells me this is only volume one, and number two is being created as you read this.

The four stories in this work are brief in length but your mind will continue thinking about them as you turn out the bedroom lights tonight. The cemetery setting and ghoulish nature of the plot for "The Early Grave" could very well have been a story in the old "Tales from the Crypt" comic book.  Perhaps, on the surface, a basic blood curdling story of the dangers an old graveyard yields...but absolutely this one taps on fears we all may feel when we drive by those old homes of the dead on dark nights. From a selfish point of view, I love babes in my horror.  They are here. Our two gals in "Samantha" are nubile and ravishing...thanks to some wonderful artwork. Of course, what they're up to is something that all you occultists can identify with.  No spoilers the book.

In a story that may be about shapeshifters, werewolves, or gargoyle creatures, what exactly happens in the end may be a point of great debate.  Not for me...I figure two babe nurses in white are in great danger...see what you think after you read "The Invaders."  Of course, I'm heavily influenced by my love for Giallo films. Slasher fans will grab right onto the menacing settings that await a repairman in "Broken Elevator." What is your favorite slasher weapon?  You'll probably see it here.

Blood...murder...nubile babes...monsters..."Chronicles of Horror, vol. 1" has it all.  You writers out there will be inspired as Matthew Myers gives you some great ideas in picture and story in this book. Kudos to some great illustrators; Adam Willis, Abel Gonzalez, Ian Miller, and Hector Borerro all do a bloody good job. I eagerly await volume two, but until then, all classic horror fans will join me in enjoying this one.

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