Friday, November 6, 2020

Serena Waits, Cheesecake vs. Beefcake

College life! Parties,,,Drinking...Drugs...Rape...Revenge! There won't be a whole lot of love for this rape/revenge film, though it does have some nice attributes. A great looking cast, both beefcake and cheesecake, some nice kills, and brutal violence make this one worth while.  The fascinating ending helps, too. Today we take a look at 2018's "Serena Waits," directed by Hunter Johnson.

She looks so sweet. Serena (Brialynn Massie). Of course, she's sober when we first meet her. Through no fault of her own (sure, we'll go with that) she gets wasted at a party. The cute coed tries to walk home. On her zig zaggy walk she is met by two college baseball players, Jack (Colton Wheeler) and Miles (David Marlowe). These two athletes are major league hunks. They don't have to try too hard to get Serena back to their apartment for more alcohol and almost sex. Impatient Jack forces the issue and rapes her...then attacks her. Eventually he slugs her in the noggin with a baseball bat. She's dead...probably. Fellow baseball player Scott (Charles Chudabala) stops by and gets pressured into helping dispose of Serena's corpse.

The collaborative trio all begin having eerie dreams and visions. They are spooked as they all seem to have the same nightmares. Enter their three girlfriends, major league babes. Trini (Lara Jean) is Scott's fawning gal. Sandy (Jennifer Clarke) is Jack's. Wendy (Emily Dahm) is Miles' mysterious gal. After a pool party with some nice bikini shots, the six convene to Jack's apartment. The girls don't hear anything but each boy hears Serena clawing at the door trying to get in. Guess what! Wendy is into the paranormal and does a séance. Convenient? Oh yes! Now the boys are beset by Serena and, well, you'll see. Incredible torture and humiliation await Scott, Miles, and Jack. Oh yes, Serena? Maybe she wasn't a corpse after all.

Did Serena die after her rape and bludgeoning? Who exactly are these three bikini babes that have seduced themselves into Jack's apartment? What will Serena do with the baseball bat when she decides to gain revenge against her rapist/murderers? The acting is pretty good and the actors and actresses are all great looking. There will be some brutal violence and a weird paranormal element to this one. For some neat slasher and ghost thrills, see "Serena Waits." 

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