Thursday, November 12, 2020

Evil of Dracula, Vampires Bite Japanese Babes

The Japanese take on the Dracula legend! You know this is going to be good. Here's a hint...the Japanese babes that fall to the toothy menace aren't bitten on the neck. Nope, they're bitten on their left breast. Oh yes, this one is set at a Japanese women's college where all the students are quite stunning...and hunger for pre-marital sex with their professors. 1974's "Evil of Dracula," directed by Michio Yamamoto.

Professor Shiraki (Toshio Kurosawa) arrives in rural northern Japan to teach at a women's college. Before he meets his boss, the principal (Shin Kishida), he finds out that the principal is now a widower. The principal's hot wife (Mika Katsuragi) died a few days ago...and yes, we'll meet her soon. Shiraki arrives at the principal's mansion and is invited to spend the night. During his stay, two vampire babes, the dead wife and a missing student, visit him. He'll survive and pass it all off as a dream. The next day he meets his sultry students. A nubile trio, Kumi (Mariko Mochizuki), Yukiko (Mia Ota), and Kyoko (Keiko Aramaki) go all goo goo over him. Still haunted by the happenings at the principal's mansion, he begins his classes.

Uh oh...the principal is a vampire and shows up in the girls dorm and bites Kyoko. Kyoko rooms with Yukiko and Kumi and helps the vampire also bite Yukiko. In a haunting scene, Kyoko commits suicide in front of Kumi and Shiraki. Yep, Shiraki isn't a fool. Not only does he know the principal is a vampire but finds every reason he can to spend time in the girl's dorm. Uh oh for Yukiko, the principal's wife wants her. She'll summon Yukiko and you won't believe what she does to the babe coed. Now Kumi and Shiraki fall in love and the vampire's wife seeks this coed. With Coed Kumi now on the wife's menu, Shiraki finds out he is slated to be the next vampire principal at this girls' college.

The last 15 minutes of this film are as exciting as any ending to any vampire film you have ever seen. The damsels are sultry and so are the vampire brides. Will Shiraki figure out a way to kill the vampires and save Kumi from a fate worse than death? Will the principal vampire and his vampire wife have a fight over the bitten coeds? Will Shiraki be sent to sexual harassment training when it is found out he hangs out in the women's dormitory? This is an erotic story and the fate of the beautiful coeds goes far beyond being bitten. For a gory and erotic Japanese take on the Dracula legend, see "Evil of Dracula."