Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Marbles the Cat, Man's New Best Friend {COMIC REVIEW}

My buddy Matthew Myers and an incredibly artistic team have created a new comic book hero which will be coming your way soon. "Marbles the Cat" will have you appreciating your feline companion more than you ever did. Cat lovers will tell you: Their companions are loyal, smart, and ready to protect their territory. Fortunately, all you cat owners, their territory includes you. What's at stake? Earth and the future of civilization as we know it.

It is the year 2089 in New York state. A beautiful family loves their pet cat which they took in recently. The family is kind and exude goodness and purity. The white cat, Marbles, exudes loyalty...and when no one is looking, a knowledge and tact beyond human intelligence. All is not well. Alien invasions threaten mankind and humans are oblivious...not Marbles.

Marbles will sneak into the night and go about saving the planet. The artwork is sensational. The colors in a rural setting, and mostly at night, capture the eye and lead us into a tale of great peril and heroism. We can thank Chloe Milton for the visual vividness. The succinct nature of the drawings help us, instantly, appreciate the goodness of the nuclear family we are introduced to. Their survival is a great metaphor for the reason why our planet must survive and reach further into the future. The cats are familiar and you may even know one or two, yourselves. Gemma and Scott Macniven are responsible for these drawings which instantly familiarize you with the players in "Marbles the Cat."

Matthew Myers has created a science fiction comic hat will appeal to not only cat lovers, but also those who believe there is goodness worth saving on Earth. Sure, there are twists and mysteries. Marbles may be more than a mere cat...we'll wait for the next issue to make that determination. For some incredibly artistic comic fun, read "Marbles the Cat."

NOTE: A portion of the sales of "Marbles the Cat" are donated to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter and matched to the ASPCA  to help cats in need.

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