Monday, November 30, 2020

Open 24 Hours, Carnage and Torture While Filling Up

What a brutal plot we have to delve into today. A serial killer has murdered 35 young women...and then the story gets bloody. Not for the squeamish, 2018's "Open 24 Hours" (directed by Padraig Reynolds) is a horror story set at an open all night gas station...during the night shift. But what is really going on here? We ask that when a seeming protagonist is paranoid delusional and on plenty of psyche meds. Sure, we all have our delusions that cause us to do really weird things...but our damsel today may not be having delusions, after all.

The pretty Mary (Vanessa Grasse) has just gotten out on parole. What did she do? The babe set her boyfriend, James (Cole Vigue), on fire. Did he deserve it? This question gets asked a lot in this film. Yep, he is a serial killer who brutally murdered 35 young women. He also made Mary watch. She was too petrified to do anything about it until #35...when she decided to light him on fire. Both go to prison...only Mary is paroled and immediately has hallucinations of James stalking her while murdering babes. The psyche meds seem ineffective. She is lucky to get a job. Mary is the only employee at an open all night gas station with a food mart attached. The place is creepy and desolate. Uh oh...James seems to be stalking her again...but isn't he in prison?

Bad news...Mary has another stalker. The mother (Selina Giles) of a lady she watched being murdered blames Mary for her daughter's murder. Now this mom wants to murder Mary. James is supposed to be in prison, now horribly disfigured, but we see him horribly murder customers and some of Mary's pals. Or do we? After all, Mary hallucinates and is diagnosed paranoid we aren't? The murders are bloody and heartbreaking...real or not. Now Mary has to decide if her real enemy is her mental illness or an escaped James. 

The setting is creepy as the filming took place in Serbia. The question of whether Mary is totally nutsoid or is James back will get answered. This will occur after so much gore and blunt force trauma deaths. Many will die horribly, or appear to die horribly, but either way you will not be spared the gore. For a creepy and vicious good time in a horror film, see "Open 24 Hours." 


  1. Gotta see this, was just watching a documentary on the Serbian monachy, they liked to swallow, i know, sounds crude and all but it's true.

  2. Great review, Serbia, ahhhh, the Hapsburgs!!