Saturday, November 28, 2020

Blood Pi, Psycho Bitch Shreds a Sorority

We have to give writer director Jordan Pacheco a heap of credit. Creating a psycho bitch with no reservations. His Amber (Anna Rizzo) is a total psycho bitch. None of this nonsense about a seemingly normal girl revealing psycho tendencies little by little as the film goes on. Nope! From the first 30 seconds of this film, Amber asserts herself as a raving homicidal maniac. There is something just so honest about this red headed beauty...especially when she castrates or slices up sorority beauties. Today we look at 2020's "Blood Pi."

As the film begins, Amber slices and axes her mom and dad and stores them in the basement. Off to college. Cool sorority chicks rule led by the bitchy Victoria (Allie Marshall). This sultry blonde holds much influence and outcast Amber hates sorority chicks. Nerd Agnis (Sarah Nicklin) is sad because no boy will look at her, they all want sorority babes. Amber takes pity on the outcast, befriends her, and gives her a make-over. Agnis now becomes Angie and is a babe. The sorority chicks now want her to be in Omega Pi...and after Amber shows her some of her psychosis, Angie drops her new friend. Now Angie is all about pledging and being cool. Amber kills the dean and several more and plots the annihilations of all sorority babes.

Steph (Zeeva Halpern) emerges as a sorority babe with brains...we hope she will survive. Her new boyfriend Vargas (Pacheco) is a hunk football player, and we like him. Amber loves no one. Uh oh for Angie...the sorority has plans for her which include drugging her and subjecting her to gang rape. As Amber keeps showing up at sorority parties and killing college jerks, she comes up with a plan to once and for all get rid of Omega Pi. After killing a cheerleader, Amber embarks on her mission. She'll even castrate a bloke using a chainsaw and Mr. Pacheco will show you the whole gory thing. 

Will nerd Angie be gang raped and soiled or will Amber's tirade save her? Will the sweet Steph and hunk Vargas survive Amber's disembowelment plans? Is Amber an accurate metaphor for all college girls or is she every college girl's fantasy...especially non-sorority coeds? This is a bloody good time and Amber is such a refreshing slasher. She is sultry and horrific at the same time. Total psycho from the first 30 seconds of the film and she maintains it. For an unapologetic slasher film see Jordan Pacheco's "Blood Pi."

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