Friday, July 3, 2020

The Corruption of Chris Miller, Spanish Giallo

Giallo is Italian horror (kinky and gory). Today we have one from Spain, Giallo in every way except geographically. Nymphomaniac babes nude, getting cut up, sunbathing, frolicking in bikinis, and quite insane. Deviant behavior will rule the day as will slashings and stabbings. Oh yes...deviant pre-marital sex, deviant lesbian sex, and of course a good measure of the taboo. Today we look at Juan Antonio Bardem's "The Corruption of Chris Miller."
Bear with me...a nude nightclub performer (Perla Cristal) wakes and looks for the man she has been making passionate love to for two weeks. She dons a see through negligee and then Charlie Chaplain emerges and stabs her dozens of times. Really...I'm not kidding. Now to Ruth's (Jean Seberg) mansion. Her husband, a puppet-master, left her years ago. The fellow couldn't take it anymore. He left Ruth with his daughter, Chris (Marisol). Chris has grown into quite the babe and no one ever introduced her to bras. Chris is quite insane...afraid of the rain...showers...and has a proclivity for stabbing things. Oh yes, Ruth, her stepmom,  is trying to drive her insane and also enjoying lesbian sex with her. Enter the drifter, Barney (Barry Stokes). Poor schmuck...he is seduced by Ruth who then goads him to also have pre-marital sex with the unstable Chris.
Barney is eager to rip off the two ladies. Both Chris and Ruth look at him as a doberman looks at a lamb-chop. The two ladies continue their intimacies and now also have Barney in the equation. Uh oh...Perla's murder seems to be the work of a serial killer. A family of five is then massacred by the killer and the cops are interested in are Ruth and Chris. We'll see Ruth and Chris in some sexy nightwear, nude, and in the throes of passionate intercourse...but with who? Madness invades the plot even more. Knives will be thrust, scythes will swing, blood will spatter, and the sex will be quite deviant.
Just what did Chris' dad do to her before he ran off that made her so insane and deviant? Is Ruth's sexual attraction to Chris a method of revenge against the husband who left her? Does the schmuck Barney have any shot at remaining stab-free with these two insane women around? Gory and deviant, this one will satisfy your prurient desires. Call it Spanish-Giallo or Euro-Trash..either way, enjoy the sordid "The Corruption of Chris Miller."

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  1. knives are the prefured weapons of refugees from the Congo, they love machettes, made from Manchester steal. Great review, watch out for those kitchen knives, quieter than a gun and effective weapons. Cooking has facilitated the physchopaths, and you don't even a license to use one.