Saturday, July 11, 2020

Massage Parlor of Death, Voodoo, Cannibalism, Massage Babes and Guts

We all needed this! Finally a film about resurrecting the dead and the massage parlor sluts who help it happen. Perhaps a morality tale for the ages, or just a gratuitous vehicle for gratuitous massage sex and disembowelment...either way, who can resist? Today we take a look at Richard Mogg's 2015 classic, "Massage Parlor of Death."
Ruby runs a massage parlor. This babe lures in customers, gives them a sensual massage, and either decapitates them or disembowels them. She needs their body parts in order to perform a sacred Haitian ritual which will bring back her dead lover. She'll murder Gordon (Kevin Paynter) as the film begins and pull out his innards. hen when the perky blonde Lizzie (Christina Martine) arrives for a massage and lesbian sex, Ruby saws her head off. Everything is going to plan as her dead lover's spirit encourages her and gives instruction.
Then the sultry Jenny (Kaitlyn Yurkiw) arrives. She wants a job as a massage therapist/prostitute. Ruby gives her a massage and is stopped from killing her by her dead lover. The plan now is to have Jenny draw in customers, murder them, and gather enough body parts for the sacred resurrection rite. Jenny hesitantly accepts but makes it known she kills for hatred for the victims. More schmuck victims show up for massages and sex and the beautiful duo disembowel them. We get a glimpse of Ruby's backstory as an archaeologist in Haiti and the scenes of Haiti (British Columbia) are striking. Uh oh...Jenny may have wished she found out more about the sacred resurrection ritual before agreeing to help.
Will Ruby succeed in bringing her dead lover back? Will the sultry Jenny be spared the wrath of this voodoo rite? Is this film a metaphor chronicling the demented state of male-female relationships in 21st Century North America? The ending will be gory, wild, and a shocking and taboo twist will have you gasping. Enjoy "Massage Parlor of Death," and eschew the stale and tiresome thrillers thrown at us by the bores in Hollywood.

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