Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Case of the Bloody Iris, Edwige Fenech in Much Peril

Nothing says Giallo better than Edwige Fenech, scantily clad, in shiny black boots, being beset by a razor wielding maniac. What is it about Italian horror filmmakers that seek to give Ms. Fenech's characters a hard time? Perhaps she reminds many of them of their ex-wives. Today we look at 1972's "The Case of the Bloody Iris." This Italian horror yarn will feature our aforementioned actress in a very gratuitous and endangered role.
Jennifer (Fenech) is a fashion model, though usually topless, who has fled a nymphomaniac love cult (hey...who are we to judge?). The cult wants her back and its leader, Adam (Ben Carra) is quite menacing in attempting to get her back. Not unrelated, a sultry prostitute (Evi Fairnelli) is stabbed and slashed to death in the elevator of a swank Rome apartment building. Soon after, an annoying stripper...sorry, exotic dancer (Carla Brait), is knocked out and drowned in that same building. Trying to escape the aggressive actions of Adam, Jennifer and her buddy Marilyn (Paola Quattrino) allow the hunk Andrea (George Hilton) to move them into that same apartment building. Andrea is the architect of the place. Andrea and Jennifer will fall in love and have passionate pre-marital sex.
The killings in the building continue. One night the killer sneaks into Jennifer's flat and gropes her...she wakes just in time. No one believes her. Suspects? Oh yes...a disfigured neighbor, a sultry lesbian neighbor, a puritanical spinster neighbor, Adam...and even Andrea. As handsome as Andrea is, he displays some weird psychological hang-ups. We'll see Jennifer nude a lot...and Marilyn too. Poor Marilyn...do I need to tell you her fate...very bloody. The cops have no clues but all the suspects seem to converge on Jennifer as the film draws to the bloody conclusion.
Will Jennifer be collected by the insane love cult, cut to pieces by the killer, or live happily ever after with the weird hunk Andrea? I know, this predicament is one in which we have all wondered about ourselves sometime in our adult lives...the Giallo films are so relatable to us. Gratuitous and gory, Edwige Fenech bares all in this horror film. Perhaps a statement of the exorbitant housing market in major European cities...or perhaps just a gratuitous and bloody European sexploitation horror film. Either way, enjoy "The Case of the Bloody Iris," directed by Giuliano Carnimeo.

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