Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kiss of the Vampire, Vampire Wars and a Classy Dame

Sultry babes are a staple of this blog. When a sultry babe is also a classy dame...that's a bonus! Having too much class, and when beauty has refinement, the risk of boredom looms. Fortunately, the classy dame is accompanied by hungry vampire hunks and misbehaving vampire babes, a blood war, and mad scientists. Okay, we have irrelevant midgets and an incompetent vampire hunter, too, but vampire babes and the proverbial classy dame rule 2009's "Kiss of the Vampire" (aka "Immortally Yours"), directed by Joe Tornatore.
Estelle (Kat Hawkes) oozes class and glamour. Vampire clan leader Alex (Daniel Goddard) sees her at the opera and quickly moves in after Estelle's fiance passes out. Now Estelle and Alex will begin an uneasy romance, as Estelle is clueless about his affinity for blood. Meanwhile, beauties in the city are being abducted by vampires, for food...and also a weird group headed by Victor Price (Eric Etebari). Victor wants eternal life...or to be a vampire. Oh yeah, Estelle's dad is a mad scientist working on a way to achieve immortality. Now the vampire clan is upset as they believe Alex' romance with the classy mortal will endanger their anonymity.
The vampire clan parties hard and their babe vampires are quite frisky.  You may disagree, but my favorite was Sylvia (Miranda Kwok). Along comes a vampire hunter (Matthew Hues) to help the cops hunt the bloodsuckers. He'll be useless. Now Alex wants to be mortal so he can marry Estelle. I hope she will age well. Now Victor finds out that Estelle's dad is also treating Alex and that curing Alex may also mean Victor can be immortal...just go with it. Now Victor plans for everyone's death and Estelle keeps looking classy and radiant.
Yep...a lot here. The vampire babes, especially Sylvia, and, of course, the classy Estelle highlight this film. A lot of nubile babes will be torn apart and so will a few hunks. War ensues between the cops and the vampires...and the vampire babes will dance around a lot in slinky party gowns...not that the two are related. Will Sylvia, the trashy vampire babe, and the classy Estelle get into a cat-fight with each other? Why do so many so-called immortals in these vampire films die horribly? Has any other film used incompetent vampire-killers as a plot device? The story is a complicated one, but see "Kiss of the Vampire" for its allure and glamour...and slutty vamps.   

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