Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Sisterhood, Lynn-Holly Johnson...Tank Commander

Move over General Patton. Move over Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Make way for Bond girl and figure skater...Lynn-Holly Johnson. Isn't she the one who while waiting in 007's bed, Roger Moore said to her..."come on...I'll buy you an ice cream cone." The pretty blonde figure skater teamed up with Filipino exploitation director, Cirio H. Santiago, to make 1988's "The Sisterhood."  How can a movie go wrong when you have a pretty blonde Bond girl in an apocalyptic wasteland fighting off men who seek to torture and rape? Instant classic!
Before she commandeers a tank, Marya (Johnson) is driven out of a safe refuge. Raiders, led by Mikal (Chuck Wagner) have massacred the place and killed her brother. On the run, Marya, a witch incidentally...but a good one, teams up with two babes from The Sisterhood, Alee (Rebecca Holden) and Vera (Barbara Patrick). The remaining sisters were either butchered or captured at the Battle of 12 Trees (don't ask). The scantily clad apocalyptic warriors take-in Marya and travel the wasteland looking for their captive and strung up babe sisters. Marya's pet hawk helps them out, but this is annoying plot device which we shall ignore.
Meanwhile tribes of brute men seek the two remaining sisters for...well...probably rape. The heavily armed men seem to have an advantage on the women with subtle psychic gifts until the babe trio battle the radioactive mutants. In this battle Marya finds a tank and the trio now take the battle to the brutish, burping men. As the men string up sisterhood babes in a dungeon, they strip them and ready them...well...for...you know. As Marya's new tank evens the score, the trio reach a man-stronghold and prepare for either battle...or bondage.
Given that this is a Cirio H. Santiago film, will our three heroines be raped by brutish and sweaty men? Does Lynn-Holly Johnson in a tank carry the same intimidation factor as General Patton in north Africa? Will the survivors of the Battle of 12 Trees be rescued with their chastity in tact? Exploitation from The Philippines...with Lynn-Holly Johnson as a tank commander! Is there really anything else you require? See "The Sisterhood" and get your fill of nubile babes battling in apocalyptic wasteland action.


  1. Wow makes wanna ride in a Tank with the women warriors.

  2. The only thing, and I mean ony thing, are hot submissive Flipper babes (that I require) , great stuff!!!

  3. Wow need to watch this fantastic review