Sunday, April 14, 2019

AVH: Alien vs. Hunter, The Asylum and a Spider Alien

The Asylum and Syfy has brought us so many treasures. They have also brought back some nice talent after we thought we've seen the last of them. Enter William Katt ("The Greatest American Hero") and Dedee Pfeiffer. Throw in some right wing militia men, a spider monster sporting tentacles, another mean alien, and some neat gore and we have 2007's "AVH: Alien vs. Hunter."
A spaceship crash lands in California sending two beings into the countryside. First a spider monster with tentacles is set loose and it gets right to business killing the sheriff and Tammy's (Wittly Jourdan) mom. Also on the prowl is a hunter who looks like a demented Twiki (from Buck Rogers fame). Lee (Katt), a failed writer, just happens to be jogging and teams up with the sheriff to investigate the crash. The sheriff is picked apart by the spider monster and Lee runs back to town. Lee also rescues the lovely Tammy who is looking for her mom. Lee tries telling the townspeople, a bunch of rejects, that an invasions has occurred...they are nonplussed.
Desperation sets in and Lee convinces the staff at a local newspaper to come with him to investigate. They do, but still are skeptical. Then Marci, the very pretty editor, clad in a slightly tight skirt is pulled up into the trees (and presumably drained of her fluids) by the spider thing. Now they are all on the run. Hilary (Pfeiffer) is a very pretty and sweaty reporterette and she man's up and helps Lee form a strategy to survive. Survivalists join in and bring all sorts of weapons. Bad news...the Twiki-like hunter is just a vicious as the spider thing. As Lee and the survivalists go out to hunt the two alien things, Hilary and her unlikely band of heroes stumble on something far more important than guns and bombs. As Lee's party gets ripped apart and drained of their juices, Hilary must act to form an offensive to save Lee and any survivalist that hasn't been eaten.
Will the sweaty and sultry Hilary save Lee? Does Hilary have a shot at Lee now that the pretty Marci has been drained of her  bodily fluids and her tight skirt? In all seriousness, can't Hilary do better than Lee who is way way past his "Greatest American Hero" days? Katt and Pfeiffer are terrific and this is an action packed horror/scifi tale. For 90 minutes of fun and nostalgia, see "AVH: Alien vs. Hunter," directed by Scott Harper.


  1. Wow awesome review am going to check This out for sure.

  2. reminds me of my pet spider, always above me on the study ceiling, we are still coexisting.