Friday, April 12, 2019

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy, Two Classics Square Off

It is not easy to find a beautiful Egyptologist...I guess we all know that. Best bet for that quest is to delve into the movies, more specifically 2015's "Frankenstein vs. The Mummy." Yep, the lovely Ashton Leigh is our object of desire in this one. In our film today the sultry Ms. Leigh plays the aforementioned Egyptologist. At first glance her character is written in this film to offer some eye candy...the men around her control the plot. She gets emotional a lot and everyone at one time or another tells her to "calm down." Then Frankenstein's monster actually meets the mummy and bang!!!! Our beautiful Egyptologist controls the plot.
We meet Victor Frankenstein (Max Rhyser)...a hunk (no Colin Clive is he). He's chilling at a New York University medical school trying not to let on about his experiments in Switzerland. know what experiments I speak of. He has found an abandoned hospital nearby where he is...well, you know what he's doing in there. Enter Naihla Khalil (Leigh)...sultry Egyptologist. Her boss is studying a mummy they just evil pharaoh. Victor and Naihla will fall in love and have pre-marital sex, then Victor will tell her to calm down.
Yep...Victor's experiment comes alive and it is evil to the max. The mummy (Brandon deSpain) does the same and it is also evil. Both the mummy and Frankenstein's creature want to rape and dismember Naihla. Both cause much carnage and the police get involved. Here again Naihla is told to clam down as she calls 911 reporting a creature trying to rape her. The mummy is convinced Naihla is an ancient priestess who cursed him and the creature (Constantin Tripes) knows she is Victor's love interest. The mummy needs our excitable babe to remove the centuries old curse, and the creature needs to possess and soil Naihla in order to get Victor to...well, you'll see. Then the two monsters meet and it will be such a beautiful thing.
Who will win, the fight and the affections of the pretty Egyptologist, the mummy or the creature? Will Naihla ever calm down? Is Naihla's perceived excitability just an illustration of how men fear a women with passion? "Frankenstein vs. The Mummy" may be flawed (Victor Frankenstein as a hunk?) but it is so much fun including an ambitious and gory last 20 minutes. If women who need to calm down is your thing, see "Frankenstein vs. The Mummy," directed by Damien Leone.


  1. Sounds awesome! Wish it took place in either the 1920s or 30s, but will definitely keep an eye out for this! Thanks!

  2. Wow I want to watch this right now amazing review

  3. that was just fun, seeing visions of your books and meat hooks!!