Saturday, April 20, 2019

Raging Sharks, Man-Eaters, Space Aliens, and Vanessa Angel

Our friends at Syfy keep doing this blog enormous favors. While mainstream Americans waste their time seeing inept and stupid super-hero films, Syfy has given us films we actually want to see, as opposed to films our friends tell us we should see. Combine carnage in outer space, hungry sharks, and Vanessa Angel...and a very grouchy Corin Nemec and we have 2005's "Raging Sharks." Made in Bulgaria, this is a film that is presented to us with gritty reality with a plot based on many of the same toils we face every day.
Okay, I know, but its a lot more plausible than any Captain America movie...a spaceship with aliens (a cross between Alien and Predator) collides with a meteor orbiting Mars and its cargo is jettisoned into the Bermuda Triangle. Five years later a research lab at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle starts experiencing increased shark activity. Mike (Nemec), who is the boss of the lab, is fed up with the uselessness of the lab and departs leaving his sultry wife Linda (Angel) in charge. She's inept and makes a lot of decisions that will get people killed, but she's really good looking so we tolerate her.  After Mike leaves, the sharks go berserk and eat the divers the lab sends out. Incompetent as she is, Linda orders more divers out...and they get eaten.
Mike heads back but the sharks attack everything leaving the lab cut-off from any communication and low on oxygen. Mike manages to get back aboard with a non-essential governmental employee, Stiles (Todd Jensen). Meanwhile a U.S. submarine commanded by Corbin Bernsen is on hand to rescue the lab employees. As the lab crew discovers an alien crystal is making the sharks insane, the non-essential government employee starts killing everyone. This is no big deal, but he does cause the two other babes, Simona (Simona Levin) and Vera (Elise Muller) to die horrible deaths. As war takes place in the disabled lab, the sharks eat everyone trying to get in and out of the facility. As Linda and Mike realize they should've started a family a long time ago, Stiles hunts them with a machine gun.
Will Linda and Mike ever get a chance to start a family? Will the non-essential government employee do what non-essential government employees do best...screw up more things? How about those aliens...will they come back and abduct Vanessa Angel for...well...never mind. This is an ambitious one and has a lot of action. Vanessa Angel always looks terrific and the space alien subplot is kind of cute. See "Raging Sharks," directed by Danny Lerner.


  1. Wow got to watch this for sure plus I agree with you 100% about Hollywood.
    Awesome review

  2. Really enjoyed this review, it's sensational and not so silly, love those underwater labs in the Bermuda Triangle, think it's time to break out the TNT!