Saturday, October 14, 2023

Zone Drifter, A Psychedelic Post-Apocalyptic Epic

There won't be a whole lot of love for this film. We have brutes that grunt, no babes we'd be interested in, mutants created by radiation, and a post-apocalyptic America that is a war zone.  Still...something about 2021's "Zone Drifter" is appealing.  There will be a lot of post-apocalyptic war scenes in burnt out cities and in the desert.  Corpses will litter so many landscapes.  Best of can watch this and have a hallucinogenic experience without taking illegal drugs.  Directed by Charles Conkin, "Zone Drifter" will either ruin your day or freak you out.

The world as we know it is gone.  America is filled with warring factions bent on murdering everyone.  Travis (Aaron Jude) is sad...his wife was raped and murdered, his baby was shot...and he was left for dead when war came.  Now he deserts to look for the murderers of his family.  His brother, Merle (Conkin) is furious at his brother.  Now Merle is on a trek with a company of soldiers to find something in the desert. Soon, Travis finds out Merle was responsible for the murder of his family.  Hence, Travis now hunts Merle.  This brings Travis into the desert.  Mutants, cannibals, burnt out cities, and enemy soldiers all await him.  After some very mystical experiences, Travis realizes what Merle knows...something exists in the desert.  Something of great power. 

Travis makes friends along the way.  The post-apocalyptic version of the cat-lady (Kaitie Peters) globs onto him.  Travis is grouchy and grunts a lot, but in post-apocalyptic America...can't be fussy. He'll make a couple more friends.  Soon, Travis is closing in on his brother.  They are also getting close to some mystical and psychedelic power in the desert.  Merle wants to possess it.  Travis wants to murder Merle. The post-apocalyptic landscapes in this film are its strength...and they are brutal. a weird way, our film has a spaghetti western feel to it.

What is the force in the desert that Merle so wants to possess?  In post-apocalyptic America, is a cat-lady equivalent to a super model?  Is their any hope that Merle and Travis can bury the hatchet in something other than one another's skulls?  Weird, no doubt...but interesting.  For something different, catch "Zone Drifter" as you binge watch post-apocalyptic scifi films.    

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