Sunday, October 8, 2023

That's a Wrap, Slasher Shreds a Cast

Pay close attention to the dialogue in the second half of this film between Sarah French and Monique Parent...two sultry babes, all dolled up.  Within those exchanges may be the essence of what this film is. Sure, it may be the best slasher film of the 21st century.  Sure, the talent will be a veritable buffet of cheesecake and beefcake.  Sure, its a great homage to Giallo and some great American horror.  Sure, a gorefest that will drive the squeamish out of the theater.  I suspect, thanks to the characters of Ms. French and Ms. Parent this film is a warning to aspiring talent.  Beware, you young ones in the industry of what exactly you are getting yourselves into.  A bit of "Sunset Boulevard" is also put forth in a very erotic horror film, 2023's "That's a Wrap," directed by Marcel Walz.

Cerina Vincent!  It is always so great to see her.  Who can forget her epic catfight with the former Raiderette in that Bigfoot movie? Alas, she fared better in that catfight than she would in the opening scene of this one.  Stabbed a million times whiled all dolled up. Sad.  She will be the only cast member to miss the wrap party of Mason's (Robert Donovan) slasher film. Mason, the director, hosts the party.  A sultry and beefy cast sporting grunts (guys), and cleavage and stilettos (gals). Oh, Molly (Eve Marlowe), she'll give us a gratuitous shower scene, one of the best ever...then it turns into a "Psycho" shower scene. The cast seems to get a long well...but they are actors.  Just behind their civil veneers, we detect predators, ready to stab in the back.

Lily (Parent) is an aging babe trying to hold onto her director husband. She looks marvelous and can obviously teach the younger talent a thing or two. The youngsters...they're into sex, drugs, alcohol, and gratuitous egos.  Lana (Sarah Polednak) seems like a good sort, but its always the good ones who end up being...well, you'll see. Amber (Gigi Gustin) is a babe/slut and we cheer for her to survive...stupid us. Harper (French)!  Babe and a half...and one of this blog's favorites. She is the final girl in Mason's film...but will she be one here?  One by one, the killer in Mason's film murders hunks and babes such gory ways.  Even more important than who the killer is, is some horrific wisdom gleaned from Lily and Harper.

Paying homage to some of our favorite films, "That's a Wrap" is a must see.  The glamour of the actresses in this film is off the scale and the guys will be pleasing to you babes reading this. In addition to being a vicious commentary, "That's a Wrap" is so much fun.  It'll throw an enormous body count at you and sadly, ruin many a terrific cleavage buff. For some extreme fun and scares, and pertinent instruction to young actors and actresses, see "That's a Wrap."   

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