Friday, July 14, 2023

Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth, Pitchforks and Lumberjack Saws...Oh My!

Clowns?  never liked them.  You may have noticed we do not do clown horror on this blog.  Scarecrows? That's more like it!  Invented to be scary, scarecrows are an underused plot device in modern horror. Leave it to my new buddy Geno McGahee to provide us with some nice scarecrow horror featuring sickles, axes, lumberjack saws, and pitchforks.  So, indulge yourself...Halloween is coming...let's get in the mood early.  Today we look at 2021's "Rise of the Scarecrows:  Hell on Earth."

Mitch (Eric Michaelian), a fact his wife left him because of that...arrives to see his dad.  Mitch's mom died and he has returned to comfort his dad, Ben (Brent Northup).  How did his mom die? A mystery, you'll see.  Before boring his dad half to death, Stacy (Lorrie Bacon) shows up.  So sweet.  The two hit it off.  Ben is pleased his son has found a babe.  The two hit it off and seem meant for one another.  Oh yes...scarecrows infest the woods surrounding this New England town.  Campers are cut up with farm tools.  Very bloody.  Uh oh again, Ben seems to have some connection to these demon scarecrows that love pitchforks and sickles.  As Mitch and Stacy grow their romance, they find themselves partying with some young campers.  Ben shows his dancing prowess and Stacy chugs beer.  So sweet.

The scarecrows converge.  It appears there is a secret in the town.  The secret has the townsfolk paying tribute to these fiends by providing them blood sacrifices.  Now Ben is afraid his own son might fall victim to them.  More campers will be cut in half or impaled and hung up.  Now the milquetoast Mitch must man up if he intends to save his new girlfriend and emerge from this evil town in one piece.  The scarecrows are indiscriminate and have no sensitivity for new love or innocent campers.

Will Mitch and Stacy survive to someday marry and begin a family?  Will Ben man-up and work to protect his son from the cursed entities that drink blood in the woods?  After the 'Curse of the Bambino' was broken in 2004, are these scarecrows and their murderous torment a replacement to ruin the day for Sox fans?  Great job by Mr. McGahee and his cast and crew.  For some neat and classic New England horror, see "Rise of the Scarecrows:  Hell on Earth."   

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