Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Night of Fear, Aussie Babe in Peril

Peril?  That's an understatement.  Our feature today was originally made to be an episode of an Australian TV show. Pretty sick, at that. Okay, we Americans should talk...probably not as sick as Steven Bochco's "Cop Rock."  This is a twisted and suggestively perverted one made from a time when Australia was a country for real men.  You'll wince and shake your head...and the images on the screen will get sicker.  Today we look at 1973's "Night of Fear," directed by Terry Burke.

She's a babe.  Blonde and very sweaty. A babe horseback rider (Briony Behets).  Uh axman/deviant (Norman Yemm) watches her in the woods.  He captures her, and beheads the horse.  Then what he does to our sultry and sweaty equestrian sad. Fast forward...the prostitute (Carla Hoogeveen)...and she is also sultry.  After servicing a client she meets another one, a married man, for tennis and afternoon delight. The sultry party girl then has an auto mishap and ends up off road.  Now the deviant is after her.  I should say, the deviant and his pet rat are after her.

A sweaty and horrific chase occur leading our babe exactly where our deviant wants her.  Before she is abducted she gets a whiff of exactly what he seeks to do to her.  It won't be pretty.  She's helpless and totally non-qualified to offer any kind of resistance.  This is sad because our evil deviant has so much planned for her that includes thousands of rats.  She'll scream a lot, but will she develop a plan to escape the horror she had gotten herself into?  The rats hope not.

Will our lovely and scantily dressed prostitute toughen up and fight the evil misogynist?  What did happen to the Aussie babe on horseback?  Just what could thousands of rats do to an Aussie woman of the night? Gross, sick, and not the feel good film of the 1970s.  To stroke your prurient and weird tastes, see "Night of Fear," and witness how horribly the beautiful can fall.   

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