Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Demon Lover, Hippies Shredded by Demon

Unfortunately, the mainstream media will not accurately describe the hippie culture of the 1960s and early 1970s. In actuality, the hippie movement was filled with narcissism, psychosis, and brain damage. They were all worthless and brought nothing positive to the betterment of man. The evils of that movement continue today as their survivors are our powerbrokers in large corporations and seats of government. Today we look at 1976's "The Demon Lover" (directed by Donald G. Jackson and Jerry Younkins), which gives us much satisfaction as many hippies are shredded to pieces.

Hippie Laval (Christmas Robbins) puts together a satanic cult out of his college chums...all hippies. Unfortunately, Laval is the only true believer, as his buddies are only interested in booze, drugs, and pre-marital sex. He chides them for their insincerity and the buddies leave in a huff. Now angry, Laval summons a beast with glowing eyes, horns, and fur. The beast, first is set on the pretty Pamela (Kyra Nash). She'll be shredded in the woods while clad in a white negligee. Now the cops are involved and Detective Frazetta (Tom Hutton) investigates. He first interviews a hippie babe named Elaine (Linda Conrad). She tells him nothing but Laval sees her as a weak link. She and her buddy Sally (Carol Lasowski) will be shredded next.

The shreddings continue...babes first. Detective Frazetta consults a professor of the paranormal... Leatherface! Yes...Gunnar Hansen! Now Laval is really getting unhinged. He gets into barfights...gets beat up...does some beating up...and spends more time conjuring. The surviving cult members now plan a counterattack and head over to Laval's place, as does Detective Frazetta. The final confrontation will be classic and will include one stupid hippie getting castrated after a crossbow arrow enters his groin. The carnage will see a lot of spurting blood and ripped apart hippies.

Will anyone in the cult survive, and should they? Will the conjured demon tire of the narcissistic Laval and rip him apart, too? Are any of the babes worthy of surviving, given the fact they are hippie-babes? Flawed and uneven, "The Demon Lover" is still a worthwhile take. Hey, the hippie-babe catfight utilizing a cannister of whipped cream is such classic cinema. For a good time and a reminder of the hippie culture, see "The Demon Lover."    

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