Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bats, Vampire Mutant Shreds Family

More of a mutant vampire film than a bat film, but a goody, nevertheless.  Megan Purvis is a wonderful actress who spends more than half the film covered in syrupy blood after her dad's head explodes all over her.  We just don't see performances like this anymore.  Still, this is an ominous horror film with no humor or lightheartedness.  Today we look at 2021's "Bats," directed by Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews.

The opening scene is a long one.  Virgin babe Natalie (Nicole Nabi) finds herself in an abandoned house with two hunk redneck types.  They have a nice orgy and the now former virgin finds her dates a bit underwhelming.  That's okay, a big mutant bat that looks humanoid, shred the two guys and turns its attention to her.  What does it do to the movie.  Fast forward...Grandma (Kate Sandison) and her family arrive at the house.  She wants to move back into it after the town it is located in was evacuated after a nuclear disaster.  Little does she know a mutant bat monster lives in the attic. This will be an unfortunate oversight.  Jamie (Purvis) has just undergone a tragedy hardly worth noting and will find herself as the family's last hope for survival.

Alas. Jamie is ill equipped to combat the mutant bat.  It's scream causes her dad's head to explode (this was such a beautiful thing) and its bite causes the victim to sort of melt.  The blood covered Jamie must now save her pretty but detached sister, Amelia (Georgia Conlan) and kind of hot mother (Amanda Jade).  The creature is protecting its territory and seems to have something in mind for the family.  As the family is further beset and the mutant thing gets more aggressive, the blood covered beauty pulls herself out of the throes of her personal tragedy and arms herself. 

Does the depressed and grouchy Jamie have what it takes to turn full monster hunter?  What does the monster have planned for the family?  Is "Bats" a thinly veiled metaphor for the disintegration of the nuclear family?  Dark, depressing, and scary, "Bats" is an unusual film that will come across as refreshing and original to the horror fan.  For something a little different, see "Bats," and stay out of your attic. 

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  1. I like the exploding heads on this one, like a black head!!