Sunday, July 18, 2021

Maggie Shayne's Embrace the Twilight, Vampire and War Hero

Today we have an epic love story between a modern day war hero and a centuries old vampire babe.  Worry not, despite the title, there will be no twinkling here.  Like most vampire babes, the vamp in our story just can't seem to exist in the shadows.  So many want her for so many nefarious reasons.  As epic as the plot is, the love story is paramount and the sultry babes affected by it will be quite numerous.  Throw in a hulking and disfigured mad scientist and his tactical team and we have a lot of fun and allure in this vampire film.  "Maggie Shayne's Embrace the Twilight," directed by the late Carlos Dunn is our feature today.

 A couple centuries ago, the sultry Serafina (Theresa Byron), a gypsy fortune teller, is betrayed and and turned into a vampire.  Fast forward to modern times.  Willem (Logan Shephard) is a war hero just out of rehab from torture injuries received as a prisoner of the Taliban.  He got through his torture by making a psychic connection to Serafina.  He's out and tormented.  Now he gets a job from a mysterious bloke, Jameson (Jason Klingensmith).  He wants Willem to protect his teenaged daughter Amber (Bridget Messaros).  Willem accepts though his dreams are filled with an obsession to find the vampire Serafina.  Guess what, he's in luck.  Amber is a human/vampire hybrid and she calls on Serafina, psychically, for protection...thus bringing Willem and his obsession face to face.

All is not good as Willem finds his immortal love.  She is suspicious of him and everyone else.  She also lusts for Willem and you'll see what happens.  Even worse news, the disfigured hulk of a mad scientist, Stiles (Chris Hahn) wants can guess why.  Now Stiles small army is hunting vampires and Amber and Serafina are in, immortal danger.  Uh oh again, Amber's grouchy but sultry vampire aunt (Aja Nicole) arrives to help her niece and her cat-fight with Serafina will be worth the price of admission.

Does Willem have any chance in surviving the sultry vampires, the mad scientist, or his own libido?  Is modern day America big enough for all these sultry vampire babes?  Carlos Dunn is heavy on the eroticism and romance in this horror epic.  The plot is ambitious and Chris Hahn shines as the grotesque mad scientist who besets vampire babes.  For something a bit different, quite adventuresome, and with an incredibly attractive cast, see "Maggie Shayne's Embrace the Twilight."  To view EMBRACE THE TWILIGHT on Amazon Prime click on this link EMBRACE THE TWILIGHT

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  1. Thank you so much for the review, Christopher! Very nice!
    As one of the producers of "Maggie Shayne's Embrace The Twilight", we are proud to have finished Carlos Dunn's dream movie for him. For those who couldn't know, Carlos passed away from cancer before the movie was finished. Each of us at Ghost Walk Studios personally promised him to finish the movie, and we did so in his honor. We believe he is happy for that. We are also happy Maggie Shayne loves the movie based on her work, and for her many fans who have been anxious to see her amazing novels become film. -- Rocky