Friday, July 2, 2021

Attraction, The Russian E.T.

Okay...the comparison to "E.T." is a bad one.  The sickeningly sweet and cute alien in "E.T." was suitable for little kids.  In this 2017 Fedor Bondachuk film, from Russia, the alien is quite the hunk...suitable for any teen-age gal.  With catastrophic special effects and "Romeo and Juliet" type protagonists, "Attraction" is a standard love story set in Moscow as a downed U.F.O. plays havoc with former Communists.  Moscow is one of the most expensive cities to live in and visit, and it will only get worse as an alien vessel causes much destruction.

A damaged alien vessel falls into Earth's atmosphere.  The paranoid Russians send jets and try to finish it off. the U.F.O. is hit by missiles it crash lands in Moscow killing hundred.  Uh oh...the lovely Sveta (Darya Rudenok) is one of the casualties.  Her best friend, the babe Julia (Irina Staeshenbaum) is irate and vows revenge.  Now get this...the voice of reason...the Russian army!  Colonel Lebedev (Oleg Menshikov) implores the government to stand down.  Lebedev, who is also Julia's dad, braved the debris and fallout and approached the crashed vessel.  There he communicated with the thing and was told all they wanted to do was repair the ship and be off.  He also observed that the damaged vessel could destroy the whole city if provoked.

Ticked off her BFF swims with the fishes, Julia grabs a revolver, her high school chums, and sneaks into the crash site.  Before she can get to the vessel, she is surprised by a menacing looking alien.  She fires and out of fright falls off a skyscraper.  She is saved by the alien who is thanked by being pushed off the same building by Julia's buddies.  50 stories below, the alien is dying and his menacing spacesuit has broken off.  Julia sees that he is a hunk and saves his life.  Now the alien, Hakon (Rinal Mukhametov) and Julia traipse through Moscow,  fall in love...go to concerts, swap spit...and chow down.  Uh oh...the army is okay to let the invaders fix the ship and leave, but the city's youth want them destroyed.  The thought to be invaders are seen as a drain on Moscow's water system and the ecologically conscience youths aren't happy with the depleting water level of the Moscow River...really.

Will Hakon be able to fix his ship before the rabid environmentalists breach the army barricade and relegate the U.F.O. to scrap metal?  Will the Russian army do the universe a big favor and incinerate the environmentalists?  Will Julia and Hakon swap more bodily fluids other than spit?  This is a neat scifi film with great shots of Moscow...and of Moscow in ruins.  All you scifi fans get off this idiotic "Star Wars" bandwagon and start watching real science fiction again.  Enjoy a non-Disney scifi film and see "Attraction."       

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  1. Ooo, loved the last point!!Star Wars is for kids, only, enchanting but dumb and dull as an adult.