Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy, A Useless Wrestler in Mexico

I know, he is pretty useless.The Angel! A Mexican wrestler clad in a mask and gold cape. It takes guts to wear that get up. He's as capable as the jobbers in the 1980s "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" circuit. But! The Angel (Crox Alvarado) takes a pummeling and keeps on ticking. Unlike Vicky Victory or The Southern Bells...he gets back up. In 1957's Mexican film "The Curse of the Aztec Mummy" we are treated to a cheesy film, with an inane plot, and eventually an Aztec zombie/mummy. If you can't find reruns of G.L.O.W. matches on YouTube, tune this one in.
Okay, mad-scientist/crime-lord Dr. Krupp (Luis Aceves Castaneda), aka 'The Bat', is sprung from prison. This fiend has a the treasures of an Aztec pyramid. To do this he kidnaps the pretty Flora (Rosita Arenas). She is promised to a guy old enough to be her dad, Dr. Almada (Ramon Gay). Actually, I couldn't help thinking she might be better off with Krupp. Dr. Krupp hypnotizes her so that she will tell them where the pyramid is, and the chamber containing the treasure.
The Angel, who was supposed to be protecting her...I guess he was now determined to rescue Flora. As The Angel reaches Dr. Krupp's hide out he gets the snot kicked out of him and is left to be eaten by snakes. Now the thugs and Krupp have Flora lead them to the pyramid where they will accidentally awaken an Aztec mummy charged with protecting the treasure. The Angel escapes from the snakes, arrives at the pyramid and is quickly over powered and taken prisoner Tina Ferari, already! After another beat-down,  The Angel and Flora are slated for execution as everyone flees the mummy. Uh oh...the mummy is obedient to his gods and is determined to wreak vengeance on anyone who raided the Aztec treasure.
Will The Angel be able to connect with a lucky right and perhaps, in some some small way, help Flora escape? Does The Angel have any shot against a rotting and decomposing Aztec mummy? Could Chief Jay Strongbow have done any better of a job against the evil Dr. Krupp? Hollywood needs to scrap their stupid superhero remakes, especially that ghastly "Wonder Woman" garbage, and remake "Curse of the Aztec Mummy" and cast Gail Kim or one of those WOW babes. Do yourself a favor and take in "The Curse of the Aztec Mummy."

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  1. Proof that low budget films do it better, nothing is wasted in an attempt of pure cheese!!