Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Literature Review (Comic): Hard Body Issue 1

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a brilliant piece of literature as its central theme is pertinent to us all and how we view ourselves in this universe. Though the 'Frankenstein theme' may work for us on a philosophical lever, a more profound understanding of creating something so much better than ourselves may be on rampant display as we traipse through the grocery store, or hair salons...or even the fitness club. Our measure of perfection and greatness is altered and becomes a perverse crusade to reach excellence. Hence Fred Schwartz' new comic book Hard Body.
We can't go wrong with a mad scientist in comics, and Mr. Schwartz gives us the diminutive Dr. Vijay Mittal. He's brilliant and has a great experiment which is currently being undertaken. As our story begins, Vijay will meet strongman/hard body Andrew Colby, who has just placed in a competition. Our mad doctor is most impressed with Colby's calves and feeds on the brute's frustration of failing to win. Guess what! Without banned substances or HGH, Vijay has a way for Mr. Colby to perfect his body...well...sort of. Colby bites and the madness begins.
We see Vijay's backstory and understand his desires.  His work-out sessions at the gym aren't yielding him promised results. Knowing there has to be a way of attaining the perfect hard body, Vijay goes all out Victor Frankenstein...much to the gory demise of so many of the most muscular men in the world. The brilliant illustrations (Savy Lim, Victor Moya, and Martin Hernandez Tena) show us our body building Adonis' and also the gym babes that desire them. Eroticism is a definite part of this work as is intense and gory horror. As Vijay dives into his desire to create the perfect body...his ultimate plans will be shocking and nightmarish...and may just turn the gym babes into bikini clad damsels in much distress. Gotta love the exploitation aspect of this horror comic.
Mr. Schwartz' storytelling prowess, coupled with the vivid and piercing artwork of the illustrating team make Hard Body, Volume 1 a necessary addition to any horror comic collector. More importantly, like Mary Shelley, Mr. Schwartz' work has a warning for all of us as he reminds us of the dangers our lustful eyes can entrap us in as we go to the gym for our daily workouts. Any retailer who would like to carry this comic can reach out to Mr. Schwartz at hardbodythecomic@yahoo.com To purchase this work on iTunes, click on this link HARD BODY 

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