Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Bite, From Babe to Bug

You ladies know the score. Escape to an exotic beach, drink a lot, traipse around in bikinis non-stop, drink some more, engage in pre-marital sex, get bitten by a bug...turn into a monster. If this sounds all too familiar, then I have a film for you to watch, 2015's "Bite," directed by Chad Archibald. This will be quite icky and many of the beautiful will be turned into not so beautiful puss bags...I guess we can say that is a striking metaphor for real life.
Babe Casey (Elma Bergovic) is getting married to the hunk Jared (Jordan Gray). Before the nuptials, she flies down to Costa Rica with her two BFFs, Jill (Annette Wozniak) and Kirsten (Denise Yuen). The three will party non-stop, drink to excess, prance around in some nice bikinis, and have pre-marital sex with a surfer hunk. Oh yeah, they go off the map to a swimming hole where Casey gets bitten on the hip by...something. Uh oh, Casey has lost her engagement ring and isn't sure she wants to marry Jared.
Fast forward, back in New York. The bite mark is starting to look interesting ans you can probably guess what's happening. Hint; think Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly." The metamorphosis is quite icky and now Casey's sense of humanity is slipping. Puss, ooze, skin blemishes...then all hell breaks loose. The pretty Casey is no longer pretty and now her two pretty friends will find themselves in mortal danger. Oh yeah, Jared? Casey realizes that she may have good reason not to marry this guy, but as a bug, her means to deal with that will also be quite icky. As we quickly dive into ickiness (if that's a word), some beautiful women will die horribly and Casey will be full of more surprises.
What will be in store for Casey's two buddies, Kirsten and Jill? Just what will become of the wedding between Casey and Jared? Exactly what is in store for us and the ickiness factor once Casey's transformation is complete? This is a good one and so many horrific images will cause you to turn your head a time or two. In another horror flick where the beautiful die so horribly, one may term this film a cross between "Repulsion" and "The Fly." For an icky good time, enjoy "Bite." 

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  1. Oh, ickniness, I'm sold, the blue lagoon scene, reminded me of my trip to the hot springs in Bali, great review, you made it so compelling!