Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Dead & Rotting, A Morality Fable and a Witch...or Two

Never kick a hornets nest...and never kick a witch when she is down. Why? I guess we all have those stories in our past when maybe we had one too many Heinekens and decided to screw with the neighborhood hag. We all remember the chore it was to floss maggots out of our teeth the next day and the parasites that exploded out of all our orifices. I hate when that happens. Why can't witches look like Debbie Rochon, shiny and wet, climbing out of a bathtub? Oh wait... Today we look at 2002's "Dead & Rotting," from Full Moon Entertainment.
Three blokes with too much time on their hands start a low-level feud with the county witch, Abigail (Barbara Katz-Norrod). Fun and games at first, but when the trio hire two schmucks to do their bidding, the feud turns into World War III. The escalated feud has Abigail finding a rotting curse and a potion. Now the old hag turns into a sultry seductress (Rochon) in a very gratuitous and shimmering scene. Hollis (Stephen O'Mahoney), J.B. (Tom Hoover), and Eric (Trent Haaga), our three blokes, have no idea what is about to come their way. Yep...Debbie Rochon, the seductress. She'll seduce them so easily and quickly has wild deviant sex with all three...no condoms. The guys are walking on air after their night in the sack.
The seductress returns to her witch's lair and births three icky and slimy things...you'll see. After a few magic moves, the three icky things turn into murderous ghouls and hunt the blokes. As the blokes are again seduced by our seductress, the ghouls move in. Now a fate worse than death is heaped on our trio and Hollis needs to figure out a way to battle the irate witch. Enter another babe witch, Rose (Tammi Sutton). What happens next will pit Hollis against the seductress in a move to perhaps save his buddies and kill the beauty.
Will Hollis be able to save his friends, fend off the ghouls, and kill the seductress? As two babe witches, will we see Rose and Abigail the seductress engage in a gratuitous cat-fight? Does this film serve as a feminist anthem extolling the strength of determined women against the misogynistic movie making industry? Okay, that last one was a bit out there. Perhaps a tale of warning against messing with witchcraft, or maybe just a fun horror film with some gratuitous seduction and icky gore...either way, "Dead & Rotting" (directed by David P. Barton) is fast-paced and so much fun.


  1. Who hasn't been mesmerised as a child by American cit coms, I'm sure this movie will bewitch me as well.

  2. That's it. Keep it real. Sounds like a new addition to my must watch