Thursday, May 30, 2019

Doctor Mordrid, Wizard Wars

Full Moon Entertainment and Jeffrey Combs! I know, you're asking "Where's Barbara Crampton?" Come on, be grateful with two out of three. From 1992 we have "Doctor Mordrid." Okay you New England Patriots fans remember Sam Hunt (big burly guy, hardly alluring nor diminutive)? Today we meet Sam Hunt(Samantha actually) as a babe mortal who develops quite an attraction to a benign wizard...can the two stave off the apocalypse?
Dr. Mordrid (Combs) lives in a New York City apartment building where he has set up headquarters. For what? He watches over the world for hints of evil forces seeking to bring about the start of an evil reign over men. Enter the evil wizard Kabal (Brian Thompson)...he has just escaped from a mystical castle in the sky by melting the eyes of Gunner (Ritch Brinkley), the guard.  Now Kabal reaches Earth and violently accumulates money and precious metals in order to create some spell that will allow him and his demon followers to rule Earth.
Not on Mordrid's watch! As his neighbor, and babe Sam (Yvette Nipar) is brought into the plot, she is Mordrid's only friend. Mordirid is blamed by the cops for the death by blood draining of the naked and nubile Irene (Julie Michaels), a rap we've all had to defend ourselves against at one time or another. In reality, Kabal killed her in a gratuitous scene upon a sacrificial alter...typical in New York. Now Mordrid must flee the police with Sam's help and prepare for a mystical confrontation with Kabal which will include pre-historic beasts, homicidal demon wannabees, and astral projection.
Can Sam, the babe filling in for Barbara Crampton, survive this plot and land her a benign wizard? Will Doctor Mordrid take to Sam or will he wait for Barbara Crampton to avail herself for a sequel? If Kabal is able to release thousands of imprisoned demons onto New York City...will anyone notice? For a light frothy romp through an apocalyptic plot featuring Jeffrey Combs and a nubile babe, take in "Doctor Mordrid," directed by Charles and Albert Band.