Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Death Beckons, A Video Duo from Andy Van Scoyoc

Are you a twenty something or an octogenarian? Do you have an eternal perspective...or a 'death-is-the-end' perspective? Is nature something to be admired and inspired by...or is it an integral partner in our journey on this mortal coil? How you answer these questions might sway how you view two very Bohemian videos from my old buddy Andy Van Scoyoc of Destination Desolation Productions (who isn't old, btw). Both appear on YouTube and can be seen by clicking these links ( A Walk With the Dead and When Death Speaks...Don't Listen ).
Both of these eerie, but strangely comforting pieces involve old mossy trees being riddled with either a slight breeze or a more ominous gale. Ah, the wind through the trees mocking our years on Earth through time. The New Age type music selected by Andy enhances our voyage through "A Walk With The Dead." The old tree may be dying soon (as we may) and it is so accepting of the ominous and comforting winds of fate. Surely a new sapling would have a different reaction. Does the certainty of nature's cycle beckon us and if so, are we honored to follow....or frightened? Again, the answers to the questions in the opening lines may hold the answer to this question.
"When Death Speaks...Don't Listen" may be the mantra of one with the luxury of youth. That's understandable. However, a lack of an eternal perspective may cause us to grab this advice, also. As Andy shows us, the ever increasing wind speeding along the law of thermal dynamics is a way for nature to remind us our existences on Earth are ephemeral. Fear takes over..."it can't end!!!" we may shriek. Those deniers of fate may see a threatening video here where nature...the trees...the moss shaking in the wind...and even the not so bright sun shining through as mocking our desire for immortality. Comforting or not, nature's character in these videos, reminds us that we can't fight it.
Is Andy showing us that we have a guide, spiritual and/or literal that will take care of us through the ultimate transition? The music she has chosen, heavy on chimes and percussion suggest that nature cares about us and won't let us alone. Or perhaps Andy has put together an artsy-fartsy jaunt through a mossy park in south Florida (hey, nothing wrong with that). Either way, my friend has put together two companion videos that will relax and comfort, or unnerve and shake your view of what waits at the next sign post.

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  1. Wow...I'm speechless. THANK YOU, my magical madman! Thank you!!!