Monday, May 6, 2019

Fly Me, Stewardess-Sploitation Galore

Joan Rivers called them 'high-flying hookers.' Fans of exploitation films love them. Stewardesses! The exploitation sub-genre of stewardess-sploitation hit a high in the 1970s with epics such as Ursula Andress' "Loaded Guns." Today we look at 1973's "Fly Me" where these beauties of the airways will be naked a lot, engage in much pre-marital sex, be put in much peril, raped, humiliated, engage in cat-fights, and fall in love. From The Philippines, our buddy Cirio H. Santiago gives us a very gratuitous, violent, and prurient tale of three sultry stewardesses getting involved in much more than they can handle.
Sultry stewardess Toby (Pat Anderson) hops into a cab, strips out of a bikini, and dons a stewardess outfit..."Fly Me" has begun. She joins her two colleagues Andrea (Lenora Kasdorf) and Sherry (Lyllah Torena). Their L.A. to Hong Kong flight sees Toby finding a hunk BF Doctor David (Richard Young). Once in Hong Kong, Andrea searches for her missing BF and gets Kung Fu goons chasing her. Sherry will be abducted by a white slavery ring, be beaten, raped, and sold into prostitution. Toby will continue to romance her hunk doctor.
Andrea, always looking good in a tight wardrobe will be attacked by Kung Fu guys which she will disarm as they disrobe her. Two Kung Fu babes will also try to knock out Andrea. Meanwhile Sherry will be pummeled some more and raped some more. Toby will find ways to get naked with David. As Andrea searches for her missing beau, a mysterious man befriends her, disrobes her, and has pre-marital sex with her. Uh oh, the white slavery ring, through no fault of her own, abducts Toby. Uh oh, Andrea's BF's disappearance is connected to this ring. The conclusion of this epic tale will see all three stewardesses naked and put in much peril.
Will the stewardess mindset of taking care of business help them overcome the evil white slavery ring? Just who is Andrea's BF and how about her new mysterious paramour? Will the sexy stewardess, clad in tight fashionable costumes make a comeback in America's airlines? Gratuitous, violent, and very exploitative, "Fly Me" is one of those films you can re-watch endlessly but never discuss in book club meetings. Enjoy!

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  1. I think Book Club meetings would lap up these kinda plots. I like ordering a coffee during quiet time, best service that way, late at night when everyone is sleeping! ( i know it sounds creepy!)