Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Needlestick, Hospital Massacre

Hunk doctors...pretty nurses...EMTs...patients....all massacred without mercy. Yes, another hospital drama in which few will fare well. This time, the carnage will all be in the name of science. When a mad scientist is coming up with the secret of eternal life, there is no sacrifice too big. Even better...Lance Henriksen is the mad scientist. Hence today's feature, 2017's "Needlestick."
Okay, leaving out so much, here's a skinny of the plot. Dr. Crick (Henriksen) is a cardiologist on the verge of coming up with a serum for eternal life. Human experimentation, not always with great results, mandates he works in secret. Everett (Michael Traynor) is a nerd doctor and he is in love with a sports bra clad nurse, Marie (Katie Savoy). She demeans him every chance she gets and we secretly hope she...well..you'll see. As Crick begins performing unauthorized heart surgery on the senior surgeons at the hospital, pretty Sarah (Jordan Trovillion) recovers from heart surgery. She is also grouchy and happens to be suicidal. Oh yes, pretty doctor Ginny (Alara Ceri) also demeans everyone and now we hope her and sports bra clad Marie take each other out in a bloody cat-fight.
By the way, one more minor point...Crick has created a monster. Ross (George Pogacich) is a serial killer who, thanks to our mad-scientist, is indestructible. Ross is sent out with a trusty syringe which he uses to murder everyone in the hospital except for the above mentioned PMS women, Everett, and Sarah. This quartet must survive the monster and Crick's plan for them. As sports bra clad Sarah and Ginny continue to yell and demean each other, Everett, and Sarah, Ross goes through the hospital personnel like crap through a goose. The dames better get an attitude adjustment or the four survivors will be skewered.
What is Crick's plan for the three remaining members of the hospital staff and the suicidal grouch? What is Crick's connection to the monster Ross? Will the world really miss the PMS sisters, the nerd doctor, and suicidal Sarah if Crick dissects them in the interest of harnessing eternal life? This is an ambitious one and seeing Lance Henriksen as a mad-scientist is always a beautiful thing. "Needlestick," directed by Steven Karageanes, is a vicious horror film that will warm your heart...before it is dissected.   

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  1. The mad scientist, love the last line, and the ones before it, it's a recent movie too, good to see b grades still being made!!